Board Bylaws

The APA Northern Section Bylaws govern the operations of the Board of Directors. The Bylaws cover the following items:
  • Geographic area served by the Northern Section
  • Purpose of the Section
  • Membership of the Section
  • Composition of the Section Board
  • Nomination and election of Board officers
  • Filling of Board vacancies
  • Duties of the Board and each elected and appointed Board officer
  • Board committees
  • Board meetings
  • Management of Section finances
  • Adoption and amendment of Bylaws
  • Establishment of Section policies

The Bylaws were last amended on January 19, 2013.

Selected Board Policies

Financial Reserves Policy (adopted May 5, 2011): establishes the cash reserves to be maintained by the Section and guides the annual adoption of the Section’s budget.

Policy and Criteria for Sponsorships and Calendar Listings (amended March 22, 2011): establishes the Section’s policy and criteria for co-sponsoring  events organized by other organizations and agencies and for publicizing events in the Section’s calendar of events.

Social Networking Policy (adopted July 7, 2011): guides the management and content for the Section’s social media websites (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).


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