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Joining APA offers numerous benefits. Membership in APA keeps you plugged in to the planning profession and current on important planning topics and trends such as new urbanism, environmental quality, economic development, sustainability, and housing. You will become associated with a multi-tiered organization that actively stays on top of national, state, regional, and local planning issues. APA prides itself on offering diverse professional development opportunities and furthering the advancement of planners seeking career growth.

Membership in APA at the national level is open to planners, planning commissioners, and students. Qualifying planning students may also receive a free first-year membership! You can also choose to be a member of APA California only. APA California-Only membership is open to anyone who is interested in planning activities and issues in California, with reasonable annual membership dues.

  • For more information about APA and becoming a member at the national level, refer to the national APA website at
  • For more information about becoming an APA California-Only member, refer to the APA California website.
  • For more information on the local and regional activities of Northern Section, refer to this website.


Need additional information on membership in APA California Chapter Northern? Email Florentina Craciun.

Update Your Address On-Line

We are pleased to announce that you can update your member profile on-line. It is as simple as going to Use the member number found on your copy of Planning magazine to access the site.

Planning Commissioners

Click here to visit the Planning Commissioners page. Materials from the “Basic Planning 101 Workshop Series” can be found here.

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