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Calendar Listing Policy

As a valuable service to members of APA California Northern Section, eNews publicizes professional and social events of relevance or interest to the planning profession. The following criteria apply when listing events in the eNews calendars (at no cost to the listing entity), whether the events are sponsored or co-sponsored by APA or by allied or compatible organizations.

Events other than those offering CM credits must be:

  • Directly relevant to the practice of city or regional planning and/or related professions in Northern California;
  • Local (i.e., must occur in the counties served by Northern Section) or reasonably accessible to Northern Section members; and
  • Affordable (free or low in cost) to Northern Section members. In general, “low cost” means less than $120 for a single day event (proportionately less for shorter events).
  • Exceptions shall be up to the discretion of the Professional Development Director.

Events offering CM credits:

  • The calendars will list events which have been submitted or approved for AICP Certification Maintenance (CM) credits provided (a) they charge no more than $20 per CM credit or (b) they are a non-profit, educational institution and will provide only a semi-annual notice of programs.

All calendar listings must be submitted in writing to the Administrative Director no later than the Monday prior to the deadline established for the next eNews (see schedule) and will be subject to editing for brevity and format. Persons or organization seeking to place a calendar item on the Section’s website and in eNews will be responsible for verifying the deadlines and providing a timely proposed calendar listing.

This policy does not preclude organizations from placing paid advertisements for events in the Northern News or eNews. Providers of higher-priced courses and workshops are encouraged to purchase an ad offering incentives such as lower registration rates for Section members and opportunities for Northern Section to promote APA membership. Contact APA California Northern’s Advertising Director for information and rates.

Template for Calendar Listing


  1. A complete but brief listing. (Give only the basic information; anything more should come from website, flyer, or a contact person.)
  2. Clear and straightforward (simple language).
  3. Information always in the same sequence.
  4. One format to fit eNews and the website (without major revision).
  5. Uniform font and font size (a universal font that can be read on all computers). Main text = Times New Roman, 12 pt., left justified only.
  6. No paragraph or style formatting.
  7. A template that can be easily distributed and understood.


Date (Month and numeral for date); one paragraph return
Title of Event (Bold, 10 words maximum). Time (e.g., 6–8 PM), Location (Name of building and/or street address, floor or room number, CITY). Food and drink information (if any). Describe event (not more than two sentences). Sponsorship information (if any). To reserve (“click here” or provide information). For more information (give website, if applicable) or contact (Name) at email address or (xxx) yyy-zzzz. (one paragraph return)
CM information (if any) in Arial bold, 12 pt., this format: CM | 2 (OR CM | 2 pending)


June 19
Shelley Poticha on the Sustainable Communities Initiative. 5 – 7 PM, Silicon Valley Center, Community Room, 201 First Avenue, SAN JOSE.  Beverages and light snacks available. Shelley Poticha (Director of Sustainable Communities and Housing at HUD) will describe what it means to be sustainable in the Silicon Valley. She will also explain why the Sustainable Communities Initiative was developed and what HUD, DOT, and EPA expect the program to achieve. Co-sponsored by APA California Northern, Local Government Commission, and Congress for the New Urbanism. Free for APA members; $10 for non-members. To register, click here [URL]. For more information, contact [Name] at [email address]. CM | 2 pending


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