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The Northern Section Archives is part of and is integral to the APA California Chapter Planning Archives at California State University Northridge. The Chapter’s Planning Archives were launched on APA California’s 50th anniversary in 1998 to help document the history and practice of the planning profession in California, and to record the evolution of APA California and its allied planning organizations. The APA California Planning Archive is one of the only Chapter archives in the country. The Northern Section is also currently one of two Sections in the Chapter with an appointed Section Historian.

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List of Northern Section Directors

2017 – 2018    Sharon Grewal, AICP
2015 – 2016    Andrea Ouse, AICP
2013 – 2014    Jeff Baker
2011 – 2012    Hanson Hom, AICP
2009 – 2010    Darcy G. Kremin, AICP
2007 – 2008    Juan F. Borrelli, AICP
2005 – 2006    Hing Wong, AICP
2003 – 2004    Hing Wong, AICP
2001 – 2002    Jeri Ram, AICP
1999 – 2000    Mark Rhoades, AICP
1997 – 1998    Wendy Cosin, AICP
1995 – 1996    Wendy Cosin, AICP
1993 – 1995    Steve Noack, AICP (term ended mid-1995)
1991 – 1993    Don Steiger (term ended mid-1993)
1990 – 1991    Ann Bogush Millican (term ended mid-1991)
1987 – 1989    Marlene Stevenson
1986 – 1987    Steven C. Orlick (term ended mid-1987)
1983 – 1985    Steven C. Orlick
1981 – 1983    Myrna Valdez (term ended early 1983)
1980 – 1981    Charles Q. Forester (term ended mid-1981)
1979 – 1980    Thomas O. Merle (term ended mid-1980)
1978 – 1979    Walter Rask, AICP (term ended mid-1979)
1977 – 1978    Gordon Jacoby, AIP (American Institute of Planners)
1976 – 1977    Ted Kreines, AIP
1974 – 1975    Frank Ehrhardt, AIP 

Northern Section’s Past Planning Award Recipients

2014 Award Recipients

2013 Award Recipients

2012 Award Recipients

2011 Award Recipients

2010 Award Recipients

2009 Award Recipients

2008 Award Recipients


Northern Section’s Past PEN Honor Award Recipients

The Planner Emeritus Network (PEN) is an auxiliary of and resource support group to APA California, the California Planning Foundation, and the California Planning Historical Society. PEN represents a body of long-tenured members of APA who are available to provide knowledge of the profession as it has matured in California. PEN members also are available to provide their personal insights, experiences, and planning history when requested by the Board or other organizations, groups, and individuals.

Each year, the Section Director working with the Section Historian and an appointed subcommittee of the Board, nominates Section members for a special PEN Honor Award recognition. Persons receiving these awards are selected by the PEN Board for an outstanding contribution to the profession or for a significant accomplishment that enhanced the recognition and value of planning. Past PEN Honor Award Recipients from the Northern Section include:

2016 – Steve Piasecki, AICP
2015 – Hanson Hom, AICP
2014 – Joseph Horwedel, AICP; Mike Moore; and Eileen Whitty, AICP
2013 – Linda Dalton, FAICP; Barry Miller, FAICP; Pete Parkinson, AICP; and Donald Weden
2012 – Earl Bossard, PhD, AICP; Anne Cronin Moore; Barbara Kautz, FAICP; and Leon Pirofalo, AICP (posthumously)
2011 – Alec Bash, AICP; Elaine Costello, FAICP; and Alex Hinds
2010 – Dan Iacofano, PhD, FAICP; Naphtali Knox, FAICP; Joan Lamphier; and Paul Sedway, FAICP
2009 – Dean Macris, FAICP; Marjorie Macris, FAICP; and Donald Rothblatt, FAICP
2008 – Don Bradley, PhD, AICP; Jeanette Dinwiddie-Moore, FAICP; and Wayne Goldberg, AICP
2007 – Vivian Kahn, FAICP
2002 – 2006  None awarded to Northern Section members
2001 – Larz Anderson; and Nadya Andrews, AICP
2000 – Ken Norwood
1999 – John Hirten, FAICP
1998 – Betty Croly, FAICP

Past Northern Section Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Available online at:


History of APA California

To read about Protecting the History of Planning in California, and the Chapter Historian Program, click on:


Great Places in America Designees from the Northern Section

APA National’s Great Places in America Program celebrates neighborhoods, streets, and public spaces of exemplary character, quality, and planning. Places are selected annually and represent the gold standard in terms of having a true sense of place, cultural and historical interest, community involvement, and a vision for tomorrow. More information, including APA”s selection guidelines, is online at: Past designees from the Northern Section include:

Uptown, Oakland – 2014 Great Neighborhood

Chinatown, San Francisco – 2013 Great Neighborhood

Northbrae, Berkeley – 2011 Great Neighborhood

Ferry Building, San Francisco – 2010 Great Public Space

North Beach, San Francisco – 2007 Great Neighborhood

For a complete list of all designees to date, click here to See a list of the Great Places in America by state.

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