Author: Sajuti Rahman Haque

Northern Section leadership election results

Northern Section leadership election results

By Sajuti Rahman Haque, associate editor 

The results are in from the Northern Section election held in November 2020. 

On January 1, 2021, Michael Cass moves up to Director-Elect. Veronica Flores will continue as Administrative Director for a two-year term ending December 31, 2022.  

As Director-elect, Cass plans to focus on sup­porting the new Section Director, Florentina Craciun, and guiding the Section Board as we tra­verse an unprecedented health crisis and political and social unrest to a post-pandemic world. He also hopes to assist the Board in cap­italiz­ing on the Section’s successes in 2020, including increased virtual presence, region­al col­labora­tion, and expanded emphasis on di­vers­ity, equity, and inclusion. Cass has been Northern Section Treasurer since March 2019 and was the East Bay Regional Activity Co-coordina­tor (RAC) in 2018 and 2019. A public sector planner for more than 16 years, Cass is principal planner for the City of Dublin. He previously worked as a planner for Lafayette and Concord. Separately, he serves as an advisory board member for Sustainable Contra Costa. Cass holds a BA in communications from St. Mary’s College of California, Moraga, and a certificate in land use and environmental planning from UC Davis Extension. 

Flores, who has been the Section’s Admin­istra­tive Direc­tor since November 2019, hopes to build on organiza­tional chan­ges made in 2020 to fur­ther Nor­thern Sec­tion’s efficiency and effect­ive­nessAmong her ob­jec­tives are enhancing the Board’s account­abil­ity to Northern Section mem­bers and refining resources for new and veteran board members — all while con­tinu­ing to focus on event plan­ning and in­forma­tion sharing. Previously, Flores served as SJSU Student Rep­resenta­tive to the Board and Co-director of the Young and Emerging Planners Group (formerly Young Planners Group). She also as­sist­ed with Northern Section’s Mentorship Program, Awards Gala, and state and national conference planning. Flores is a senior planner in the Legisla­tive Af­fairs Sec­tion of the San Fran­cis­co Plan­ning Depart­ment. She holds a master of urban planning from San Jose State University and a BA in sociology from UC Berkeley. 

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Who’s where

Who’s where


Mayank Patel is now the Associate Planner for the City of Newark, where he’ll be focusing on current planning and contributing to long-range planning efforts such as the City’s Old Town Newark Specific Plan and NewPark Place Specific Plan. Patel had been the senior planner for the City of Orinda, where he worked on the Downtown Precise Plan. Before entering the world of municipal plan­ning in 2015, he was an urban designer at PlaceWorks. He holds a master of urban and regional planning from UC Irvine and a BS in landscape architecture from UC Davis. 

Sarah Yuwiler is now the Asso­ciate Plan­ner for the City of Brentwood. She pre­viously was an assis­tant planner for the City of Concord. Yuwiler holds a BA in environ­mental studies and plan­ning from Sonoma State University. She currently resides in Pittsburg.  

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Northern News recognizes our photographers for 2019

Northern News recognizes our photographers for 2019

Continuing our recognition of the 2019 content providershere are the names of those who provided photos and images last year. The editors are grateful to the 21 people listed below for their contributions to this publication. Thanks, too, to Andrea Mardesich, a former associate editor, who scoured last year’s issues to prepare this list.

Photos from Where in the world, magazine covers (February, March, and April covers), and articles. 

Atlas, Jesse. Municipal Plaza, Lisbon, Portugal. (Sept.) 

Batista, João. SJSU students in Ouro Preto, Brazil. (March) 

Borrelli, Juan, AICP. Rio De Janeiro, BrazilSão Paulo, Brazil. (May); Our Lady of Carmo Church, Ouro Preto, Tiradentes Square and the Museum of the Inconfidência. (March); Downtown San Jose’s SoFA Arts District mural at 300 S. 1st Street. (June); Capitola-by-the-Sea. (July/August) 

Darmawi, Fay. Manhattan, looking north from the West Village to Hudson Yards.(April); Privately Owned Public Open Space. (Feb.) 

Elrod, Diana. SF General Hospital and SF skyline. (Dec. 2019/ Jan. 2020) 

Flores, Veronica. The panel. (Dec. 2019/ Jan. 2020) 

Graham, Hugh. Downtown New Haven Connecticut. (Dec. 19/Jan. 20); Princeton-by-the-Sea, at Half Moon Bay, California Can you see the plane? (April) 

Iannarone, Sarah. Exploring Oakland by Bike. (June) 

Julio Cesar Martinez Photography. Son smiling at camera with legos(Dec. 2019/ Jan. 2020) 

Kenward, Evan. Ozzy Arce speaks to the group(Dec. 2019/ Jan. 2020) 

Knox, Aliza. Central Beijing. CMG Headquarters and China Zun. (Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020); Loikaw, Myanmar. (March); Korčula town, Korčula Island. (Oct.) 

Knox, Naphtali H., FAICPProvidence River Greenway, Downtown Providence, Rhode Island.  (July/August)

Lee, Chandler. Lisbon, Portugal. (Sept.) 

Miller, Barry J., FAICP. Michael’s Gate, Bratislava, Slovakia. (Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020); Streets Beach, Brisbane, Australia. (June) 

Oliver, H. Pike. San Francisco skyline from Alameda. (Feb.) 

Osner, George, AICP. San Quentin State Prison and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge over San Francisco Bay. (Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020); San Francisco skyline, looking SSE from Tiburon. (Oct.) 

Pearson, Holly, AICP. Medellín, Columbia. (March) 

Pham, Kieulan, AICP. Shinagawa-Ura Harbor in the southern part of Tokyo. (Feb.) 

Su, Jason. North 8th Street, Boise Idaho. (July/Aug.) 

Tyler, Elizabeth “Libby”, Ph.D., FAICP. Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park in Monterey, CA. (Sept.) 

Wong, Hing, AICP. Fog-pokers, including Salesforce Tower, from Folsom and Beale Streets, San Francisco. (March) 

Hundreds of SoCal homeless individuals and low-income families to receive safe, affordable housing

By Joseph Ronson,, January 16, 2020 

“The State of California’s Department of Housinand Community Development (HCD) recently awarded Many Mansions a total of $24 million for the purpose of developing new affordable housing to help address California’s housing crisis. The award, under the State’s Multifamily Housing Program (MHP), was for three affordable housing development projects. 

“Commenting on the awards Alexander Russell, Executive Vice President of Many Mansions, said ‘this funding will give a home to 147 families that are living on the streets or in substandard/overcrowded housing.’ With community support, these families will also receive services such as tutoring and college scholarships for the kids, and life skills and job training for the adults so that they can build a brighter future. 

“Many Mansions owns and operates 17 affordable housing complexes (with nearly 600 units) in Ventura County and has a number of new affordable housing communities in development throughout Los Angeles County. Many Mansions manages the apartment homes and provides critical services such as free after-school programs, summer camp, scholarships, job training anmore for its residents.   

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