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Sponsorship Requests

APA California Northern supports partnerships with other organizations to sponsor events of interest to planners and related professionals.  Follow these procedures for proposing events for sponsorship, for obtaining AICP CM professional development credits and for listing events on the APA California Northern calendar.  Please note submittal deadlines and refer to the Policy and Criteria for Sponsorships and Calendar Listings prior to submitting a request.  APA California Northern must be acknowledged as a co-sponsor with its logo displayed in publicity material.


Submit forms and calendar listings as far in advance of publishing deadlines as possible.  Try to list events on the Northern Section’s calendar webpage at least 30 days prior to the event date.  Events will generally be listed twice on eNews starting a month before the event unless otherwise requested.  The event organizer must agree to acknowledge the Northern Section as a co-sponsor of the event in its literature and announcements and allow the distribution of membership information about APA and the Northern Section.  (Skip to Step 3 if a calendar listing is requested only.)

STEP 1 – Sponsorship Request: As early as feasible, submit the co-sponsorship request form to Section Director for approval before sending the calendar listing to Administrative Director.  If no funds are requested, Director can approve immediately and will notify the requestor, Administrative Director and Professional Development Director. If funds are requested, a Board vote is generally required.  Events with a funding request should be submitted further in advance. Questions: contact

STEP 2 – AICP CM Credit: For events that are potentially eligible for AICP CM credit, submit a CM Credit Submittal Form to Professional Development Director concurrent with submitting a co-sponsorship form (if required) or shortly after approval of co-sponsorship.  The Professional Development Director will review and forward to APA National for approval. Questions: contact

STEP 3 – Calendar Listing: Submit calendar listing prepared per the template (and flyer if applicable) to Administrative Director for review for eligibility, format and accuracy.  Administrative Director may approve exceptions to the policy.  Once approved, the listing will be forwarded to the Website and eNews editors as appropriate. Questions: contact

STEP 4 – Sign-In Sheet/Evaluation Form: For events offering AICP CM credits, use the Sign-In Sheet and ask attendees to complete the Evaluation Form or similar.  Submit Sign-In Sheet and completed forms to Professional Development Director for possible auditing purposes by APA National.


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