Northern Section Election Call for Nominations

It’s that time of year again to silicate nominations for the elected positions on the board. The terms of two elected Board positions, Director-Elect and Administrative Director, expire December 31, 2018. A nominating committee overseen by current Section Director-Elect James A. Castañeda, AICP has been formed to solicit and review applications, with the election scheduled for November 2018. Each Board position will serve a two-year term, commencing January 1, 2019. The current Director-Elect will assume the Director position at the end of this term. As described in the APA California Northern Section Bylaws, the responsibilities of the positions include:

Director-Elect (Section Bylaws Section 4.6.2)

  • Preside at all meetings and represent the Section in the absence of the Section Director;
  • Act as Section Director should the Section Director be unable to serve, as authorized by the Section Board;
  • Organize the annual Board Retreat;
  • Be responsible for keeping the Bylaws in order, appointing the Nomination Committee and organizing elections; and
  • Other duties as assigned by the Section Director.

Administrative Director (Section Bylaws Section 4.6.4)

  • Maintain the records of the Section, and to make such records available for members;
  • Conduct the correspondence of the Section under the direction of the Section Director and the Section Board;
  • Prepare and distribute the records of actions resulting from Section Board meetings;
  • Work with Board members to publicize professional development activities and networking events and maintain a calendar of section activities;
  • Work closely with the Communications Director to prepare the eNews; and,
  • Inform APA California of section activities of interest to other APA members.

Interested Northern Section members in good standing (including incumbent Board members) must submit a complete nomination petition by October 23, 2018 that includes the following: Name, address of membership, email, phone number, signatures of support from at least five current Northern Section members, and a brief statement of candidacy (not to exceed 500 words) to the APA California Northern Section Nomination Committee.

Electronic ballots will be sent out to the Northern Section membership on or around November 1st and they will be due November 20th. The Nomination Committee will publish qualifying candidate statements in the November edition of Northern News and will include on the election ballot all candidates who meet the minimum qualifications as described in the APA California Northern Section Bylaws (Section 4.2.2) which can be found by clicking here.

Please submit completed nomination petitions or questions to the Nomination Committee Chair, Director-Elect James Castañeda, AICP, at