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Northern News – March 2017

Greening Silicon ValleyHolly Pearson, AICP, interviews Cynthia Clark, Chief Development Officer, Sustainable Silicon Valley. SSV is working with cities, counties, and companies to promote smart energy, carbon, and water solutions. Page 1

Meet a local planner. Siân Llewellyn, AICP, interviews Elizabeth Shreeve, AICP, ASLA, principal, SWA Group. Page 8

Teaching methods in urban planning using Planetizen CoursesWilliam Riggs, PhD. Virtual strategies hold promise for maintaining and expanding curricula in a future of constrained fiscal and space resources. Page 14

For downtown Morgan Hill, age is a good thingSteve Matarazzo. Thirty years ago, Morgan Hill positioned itself for the great economic expansion of Silicon Valley. Page 16

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Northern News – January/February 2017

  • How to get By-Right Zoning right. Karen Parolek. A community will accept a by-right review process if preceded by a Form-Based Code prescribing what’s appropriate to the neighborhood. Page 1
  • Assessing San Jose’s Northside neighborhood. Lillian Hua and Kyle Kryak. A student report will undergird future planning efforts in the neighborhood. P. 4
  • Meet a local planner. Siân Llewellyn, AICP, interviews Andrea Ouse, AICP, Director of Community and Economic Development, Vallejo. Page 7
  • Community outreach in a divided America. James Rojas. Urban planners have ways to engage a diverse public to find common goals. Page 19

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Northern News – December 2016

  • Planning our communities for an aging population. Ramona Mullahey. Realistic and workable services and policies to better serve an aging America. Page 1
  • Director’s note. Andrea Ouse, AICP. Adapting Northern Section to changing times. Page 3
  • Meet a local planner. Siân Llewellyn, AICP interviews Sharon Grewal, AICP, Northern Section’s Director elect. Page 7
  • Northern Section partners with Sustainable Silicon Valley. Alex Lantsberg, AICP. Page 10
  • Who’s where. Dave Davis, Jason Rogers, AICP; Dave Javid, AICP; Graham Pugh, Eric Tuvel, AICP. Page 14

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Northern News – November 2016

  • Artist gives citizens simple tools to design public spaces. Jen Kinney. Next City article features planning-related art by Cupertino artist/arts educator. Page 1
  • Director’s note. Andrea Ouse, AICP. Board elections coming up. Mentorship program heating up. APA California Conference starts this weekend. Page 3
  • Meet a local planner. Siân Llewellyn, AICP, interviews Jesse Schofield, AICP, associate transportation planner, Caltrans District 4. Page 6
  • Planning documents don’t need to be long and boring. Alex Hinds. Sonoma County’s new Regional Climate Action Plan in 24 illustrated pages. Page 12

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October 2016

  • Habitat III and the New Urban Agenda: Global negotiations, local implications. Holly R. Pearson, AICP. Background and context, preparations for Habitat III and the drafting of the New Urban Agenda, content of the Draft New Urban Agenda, and implications for the San Francisco Bay Area. Page 1
  • Seattle: Expanding affordable senior housing and building community. HUD USER. Page 7
  • Meet a local planner. Siân Llewellyn, AICP, interviews Kristen Hall, AICP, senior urban designer and associate with Perkins+Will, San Francisco. Page 9
  • Working with wicked problems. Excerpts from an essay by David Booher and Judith E. Innes. Page 16

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September 2016

  • Preserving Napa’s historic character. Catarina Kidd, Associate Editor, interviews Lilly Bianco, a historic preservation specialist and associate planner for M-Group. Page 1
  • Where in the world. Photo by Fay Darmawi. Page 3
  • Meet a local planner. Siân Llewellyn, AICP, interviews Kenya Wheeler, AICP, senior environmental planner for the SF Municipal Transportation Agency. P. 6
  • Establishing a clearly defined path to AICP. AICP Commission. Page 13

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July/August 2016

  • The future of Bay Area housing markets and income inequality. Nina Gruen. Dramatic changes in America’s ethnic and racial mix promise long term economic and real estate impacts. Page 1
  • Meet a local planner. Siân Llewellyn, AICP, interviews Sailesh Mehra, Chief City Planner, city of South San Francisco. P. 7
  • Brexit: A planner’s view from London. Ellen Greenberg, FAICP. What repercussions might we expect on the environment, on London, and on planners’ jobs, projects, and prospects? Page 12

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June 2016

  • Let’s plan our cities to house (not warehouse) our elderly. Naphtali H. Knox, FAICP. Our expanding elderly population needs more assisted-living facilities. Plan for them now; you or your parents may be living there. Page 1
  • Northern Section 2016 Award winners announced. Page 3
  • One-third of residents: ‘Bye-bye Bay Area.’ Jen Kinney, Next City. Bay Area Council survey finds many prepared to leave the region because of housing costs, traffic, and income inequality. Page 4
  • It’s time to apply to take the AICP exam. Don Bradley, AICP, PhD. Page 9
  • Plan-it sustainably: What’s happening; what’s in store. Scott T. Edmondson, AICP. Page 10

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May 2016

  • Environmental planning achievement award. Stakeholders worked three years to produce San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Water Facility Master Plan. Page 1
  • Director’s note. Andrea Ouse, AICP. Awards Program (June 10, SF). Half-day ethics and law courses, 1.5 AICP|CM credits each (April 30, Oakland). Page 3
  • Stanford: 1450 new student-housing units. 2019 occupancy for redevelopment of the university’s 17-acre Escondido Village. Scott Lefaver, AICP. Page 4
  • Specific Plans add development certainty and inspire quality projects consistent with general plan goals, policies. Steve Matarazzo describes his experience in Morgan Hill and San Luis Obispo. Page 5
  • Where in the world. Hugh Graham. P. 13

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April 2016

  • Planning tour to SE Asia, 2017
. Alex Hinds, Hing Wong, AICP. Meeting April to narrow down destinations. Page 1
  • Director’s note. Andrea Ouse, AICP. Board openings for planning commissioner representative, webmaster, and mentorship director. Page 3
  • In memoriam. Joe Horwedel, AICP, former San Jose planning director, died Feb. 22 after battling cancer. Page 4
  • Norcal roundup. Page 5
  • Climate change receipts fund affordable housing. Jen Kinney, Next City. Projects benefit from California’s cap-and-trade program. Page 7
  • Where in the world. Chandler Lee. P. 9
  • Who’s where. Borrelli, Heinz, Kawashima, Khan, Nevajda, O’Halloran, Stern. Page 10

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