New TNSI Global Strategic Sustainability Initiative

The Natural Step International (TNSI), after several years of strategic planning, has formulated a powerful, new, 5-year strategic direction 2012-2017. The new direction addresses the cumulative insufficiency of global efforts to date, the increasing urgency and magnitude of the challenge, and the shrinking window of opportunity. The new approach builds on 22 years of success

Three New PhDs – Sustainability Policy Institute

of the University of Curtin, Sustainability Policy Institute, Australia, will be granted for research projects that highlight the need for smart, sustainable urban planning. The students, Joe Kott from San Francisco, Annie Matan from Fremantle and Roman Trubka from Vancouver, have completed studies that focus on public transport, pedestrian access in cities and the importance of city

Peak Oil Returning with Vengence?

Although forecasting the timing of peak oil has been less predictable than the phenomenon itself, allowing business as usual in the energy sector may undermine any capacity for a rational and successful transition to a low/no carbon, renewable-energy-based economy. If so, the sectoral market dysfunction (the scarcity-investment-production dynamic to wring out the last drop of

Plan-it Sustainably – August 2012

Cross-post, APA CA Chapter-Northern (Northern News, August 2012) Living Future’s Living Cities – Explorations of a Positive End Game, Scott T. Edmondson, AICP, Katja Irvin, AICP, co-directors, Sustainability Committee The International Living Future Institute (ILFI: recently won the Buckminster Fuller Challenge 2012 ( for its innovative framework known as the Living Building Challenge (LBC) 2.0 (—“a

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