Bicycle Planning in Copenhagen

Andreas Rohl (Manager of Cycling – City of Copenhagen) recently spoke in San Francisco at a Bicycle Coalition event. He’s on a one-year sabbatical and spending his time working with various interested parties in Canada and the U.S.  The link to his engaging and entertaining one-hour talk, The Stick, The Carrot, and the Tambourines, is an

NYC Bike Share Set for Aug. Launch

(BBC) Estimated to start in early August, New York City will unveil its first public bike scheme, Citi Bike, medalled as the largest in North America. The initial rollout will consist of 7,000 bicycles and 420 stations, peppered throughout the lower half of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and Queens; the program will be expanded in the

Interactive Workshop: Planning Sustainable Transportation Improvements Using STARS (Dec 8, 2pm)

STARS (Sustainable Transportation Analysis & Rating System) does more than simply “green up” our current transportation system.As a transportation planning professional, learn how to meaningfully improve the environmental, economic, and social performance of transportation projects and plans.Join this co-hosted workshop between APA California Northern Sustainability Committee and the North American Sustainable Transportation Council. Go HERE

Is Bicycling Sustainable?

It depends on whether you bicycle near and with a lot of fossil-fuel-burning automobile traffic. Accumulating research is confirming a common-sense notion — breathing tailpipe emissions cannot be that good for you. In fact, it is bad for you. One short-term effect is that it reduces your heart rate variability–it’s capacity to quickly change it’s rate and respond to stress. Read the article!

My roughly written comment on the article follows:

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