Basic Planning 101 Workshop Series

Earlier this year we offered a series of three free Planning Commission training workshops (February, April and May). These trainings were geared to local government planning commissioners, elected officials, professional planners and/or interested parties in Northern California. Each workshop had a different theme and related presentations by seasoned members of the planning community. Each workshop

Sustainable Neighborhood Code? Watch Seattle!

A recent link in Sightline highlighted an article on Writing Sustainable Neighborhood Code in CrossCut (seattle/norwest-based public media), illuminated not only an innovative community stakeholder “roundtable” initiatve that is blazing a trail in implementing new sustainable neighborhood code and regulation reform, but a larger initiative to transform land use in Seattle. As such it’s worth watching. Highlights follow:

Want a Quick Start with Form-Based Codes?

You might as well begin with with Opticos, Daniel Parolek, and the Form-Based Codes Institute (FBCI).

Daniel is the founding principal of Opticos; he is an architect, urbanist, and coauthor of the first comprehensive book on form-based codes, Form-Based Codes: A Guide for Planners, Urban Designers, Municipalities, and Developers (John Wiley & Sons, 2008); and he is the founding board member of the FBCI.

The FBCI has developed a curriculum of workshops and webinars. They are offering an upcoming webinar on designing hybrid form-based and use-based codes, July 27, (go to Linked-In page or email alan@formbasedcodes.org).

The publisher’s summary of the book says the following:

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