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News — November 2015

The growing leadership work group met for its 3rd Quarter Business meeting at Sight Glass Cafe in SoMa On November 14, to welcome our new co-directors Holly and Alex, reflect on our California APA Conference successes, and to begin forging a new work plan for the coming year. Go to our Bio Page for details on our new co-directors, Holly Pearson, and Alex Lantsberg. They both have rich sustainability backgrounds and we look forward to collaborating. A big THANK you to Katja and Dave for their service and contributions as they transition to new challenges. In reviewing our work, the leadership work group, affirmed that it will continue publishing the Plan-it sustainably column in the Northern News and blog, publish it’s own periodic e-Update (archive accessed from the Publishing page), add content to its Plan-it sustainably web journal, produce and co-sponsor CM events, and continue to illuminate the evolving challenge and practice of sustainability planning in the Northern Section. Arising from the work began in July 2012 in partnership  with the APA Colorado State Chapter’s Sustainability Committee and producing the new Sustainable Community Division’s by-right sessions at the 2013 National APA Conference in Chicago, Mobilizing Sustainability Planning and the publication, The Challenge of Sustainability Planning — State APA Chapters and the new APA Sustainable Communities Division (p 4), is the Division’s Sustainability Champion Program. The Committee will be working with Committee founder, Scott Edmondson, to support and advance that nascent Champions’ effort with the APA California Board. In addition, the Committee and the Energy Initiative recently joined forces and will be collaborating more closely.


The Committee emphasizes strategic sustainability planning (see Resources page, Quick Start section) because it is powerful and less familiar than other approaches, but inclusive of them. It integrates existing silos of knowledge and practice into an on-going program of collaborative innovation that “designs out” unsustainable practices. In this way, sustainability becomes the platform for innovation towards ecologically sustainable economic prosperity, communities, and regions. This approach is key to transforming the jobs vs. environment win-lose framework into a win-win framework.

In addition, the Committee highlights the leading edge of sustainability planning, the emerging integrative thread of designing, planning, and developing regenerative environments at site, district, community, and regional scales  (see Resources page, Regenerative Planning section).

To review the founding work plan, mission, an early membership survey, go here (a temporary location until they can be transferred to this website).

To collaborate, become a resource, a writer, a research partner, advisor, ally, or volunteer, send Dave and Katja an email with your ideas or proposal. Design the initiative to fit your time and resource constraints.

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