Invitation to Collaborate (Sustainability Committee)

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Collaborate in ways that fit your time and interests in any of the roles listed below.

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Send us your questions, comments, suggestions, and collaboration ideas. We look forward to working with you, Scott and Katja, Co-directors.

Smart Eco-Cities?

  • Advisors on management and sustainability (thank you to our current advisors, Mike Purcell and Alex Hinds).
  • Sustainability Representatives from each jurisdiction, firm, or non-profit who would be a resource on the state of sustainability planning in their jurisdiction or organization.
  • Researchers, Writers, Editors (students, professors, planners) who would share their work or undertake a project or program that advances sustainability practice.
  • Sustainability Planning Core Group who would like to join other planners in training, practicing, innovating, and sharing lessons to advance practice in the Northern Section.
  • Event Organizers to develop events, workshops, conferences, series, etc.
  • Web Support to advise on video, social media, webinars, and video for communication, learning, and training.
  • Sponsors to contribute financial resources or otherwise.
  • Any Other Role. You create it.

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