Caltrans (District 2) – Associate Environmental Planner

Associate Environmental Planner – Will consider Environmental Planner

Include Job Code (JC) and PARF number 28-0-045 on application (STD 678 form).

Under the general direction of a Senior Environmental Planner, the incumbent serves as the Environmental project coordinator for multiple transportation projects. Incumbent manages, prepares, process and reviews the most difficult and complex studies. Incumbent makes recommendations to the project development team, including District and North Region management, for the appropriate courses of action in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and a multitude of other state and federal laws.

Responsible for the timely completion of activities and products essential to the environmental approval phase.  Initiate the work of environmental technical staff and request information from many sources outside of the Environmental Division, including, but not limited to. design, hydraulics, transportation planning, stormwater, hazardous waste and traffic.  Use the Standard Tracking and Exchange Vehicle for Environmental (STEVE) database and Workplan Status databases to manage environmental project information, report progress and identify resource needs.

Responsible for ensuring that the department complies with environmental laws as described in the Standard Environmental Reference (SER).  Reviews and ensures that Environmental compliance document contents complies with CEQA, NEPA and other State and Federal acts and policies.  Serves as the primary author for environmental documentation prepared pursuant to CEQA, NEPA and Section 4(f) (e.g., Initial Studies, Environmental Assessments, draft/final Environmental Impact Report/Statements, and Categorical Exemptions/Exclusions).  Maintain project files per Caltrans policies and as outlined under NEPA assignment.  Obtain approvals from resource agencies (e.g., Coastal Development Permit).

Represent environmental concerns in a multi-disciplinary team setting and effectively communicate project delivery issues.  Advise team members including the Project Manager of issues, which affect project delivery.  Schedule formal and/or informal team meetings as needed.  Meetings may also include project site visits to review potential project locations and features.

Participate in and help coordinate public hearings and workshops to inform the public of environmental issues on proposed transportation projects.  Develop newspaper ads for public notices and coordinate with Public Information staff to assure timely notification of public meetings and document availability.  Coordinate with cities, counties, agencies and the public on project related concerns.

Prepare task orders as needed for environmental services to be performed by a consultant and provide oversight to the consultant’s efforts.

Reviews design work (e.g., engineering plans) to ensure consistency with the environmental compliance documentation.  Design work to be reviewed includes Draft and Final Project Reports, Plans, Specifications, and Estimate packages.

Assist with the training and development of other staff as needed.

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