Caltrans – Senior Transportation Planner (Specialist) investment Planning Coordinator

Under the general direction of the Office Chief, System and Regional Planning, the incumbent is responsible for planning, organizing and leading investment planning activities in District 4. Currently with the increase in availability of State and federal funding for transportation, there is a focused need to have a dedicated Senior Transportation Planner to coordinate all efforts with HQ ( Programming and Planning), District 4, State, regional and local agencies.  The incumbent would be responsible for managing federal discretionary funding programs (INFRA, RAISE, BRIC, etc.) and State programs such as SB 1 (SCCP, TCEP, LPP, TIRCP) and others in collaboration with various agencies including the MPO/RTPA (MTC), nine County Transportation Agencies (CTA) and counties and cities in the San Francisco Bay Region.  Other coordination efforts could be with adjoining Caltrans Districts and the greater mega-region MPOs (SACOG,  SJCOG, AMBAG).  The incumbent would be responsible for coordinating/preparing federal and SB 1 discretionary funding applications and other necessary documents based on USDOT, CTC, DOTP and other guidance.  These funding programs are on-going and require extensive preparation and coordination prior to actual application deadlines.  Developing funding strategies in consultation with CTAs and local agencies requires continued discussion with interested parties.  Outreach to various community groups would also be conducted in conjunction with this position.  Reviewing SB 1 guidelines and NOFOs for various federal funding programs and advising on requirements is required.  Identifying relevant projects meeting various funding criteria and prioritization of projects for current and future cycles of funding is critical and requires increased collaboration and knowledge of on-going efforts at various levels of government. To achieve this end, updating the District MONSTER project list will be part of this function in coordination with various internal Caltrans Divisions.  This includes utilizing Corridor Plans to move from Planning to Programming in developing projects that meet State goals consistent with CAPTI, Caltrans Strategic Plan and California Transportation Plan.  Equity should be considered in all aspects of this position with the priority given to Disadvantaged and Equity Priority Communities.