City of Berkeley – Senior Planner

The City of Berkeley is currently accepting applications for Senior Planner.  This position is responsible for providing lead direction for community planning activities or perform highly specialized and difficult planning functions. Responsibilities may include either advanced or current planning projects and requires considerable technical knowledge and independent judgment. Incumbents typically reside within the City of Berkeley’s Planning & Development (Land Use Division), Public Works (Transportation Division), and Rent Board Departments. The immediate vacancy is with the Land Use Planning Division.

Essential functions include but are not limited to:

  • Designs research programs, coordinating and performing research efforts, administrative activities, and technical tasks necessary for achieving project objectives, and recommends public policy;
  • Designs systems for generating data; compiles and analyzes information such as population and economic growth estimates, demographic, housing, and land use data;
  • Utilizes or directs the utilization of computers and software programs for various technical projects and studies; completes systems analysis to determine software needs;
  • Develops plans and recommends changes in policies and procedures;
  • Assists in selection and provides lead direction to professional and technical staff, including providing input into periodic performance evaluations;
  • Develops projects, prepares specifications and monitors and coordinates consultant activities;
  • Prepares various reports, correspondence, tabulations, and summaries;
  • Coordinates and assists in the processing and evaluating of applications submitted for subdivisions, requests for use and variance permits and other development permits or approvals;
  • Reviews plans and other information submitted with such applications;
  • Performs analyses pertaining to the elements of the comprehensive General Plan, area plans, environmental impact reports, implementation plans, redevelopment plans, capital improvement plans, programs, and related municipal ordinances and policies; prepares various reports, recommendations, and applications;
  • Makes oral presentations before commissions, committees, community groups and boards of other governmental agencies; and reports conclusions and recommendations in technical report form;
  • Coordinates computer utilization for various technical planning projects and studies;
  • Meets with representatives of community organizations and other groups to encourage cooperative action or to resolve problems;
  • Prepares summaries and statistical and technical reports; directs the preparation and design of maps, charts, models, sketches and other graphic presentations.

Applications are only accepted on the City of Berkeley website, found here: