City of Concord – Assistant Planner

The City of Concord’s Community and Economic Development Department is looking for their next Assistant Planner.

This position will work as a primary and initial point of contact for the public and with applicants for planning related permits; will provide information and assistance to the general public and developers regarding City laws, policies, and regulations; review and analyze development projects of various sizes to process and issue planning permits; will organize neighborhood meetings to provide information on development projects and City-initiated programs or policies; make recommendations on development projects and planning policies to appointed and elected city officials; will review building permits for compliance with entitlements and zoning; will conduct field inspections to verify constructed projects comply with planning approvals; and will also work closely with the Police Department’s Code Enforcement Division and City Attorney’s Office to abate land use and zoning violations.

Some of the upcoming projects that this position may be involved in include:

• Processing Development Code amendments to improve City processes and for consistency with State Law (ADU and Wireless Ordinances); and

• Review and processing of a variety of development projects such as:

– Residential subdivisions;

– Expansion of a major-brand automobile dealership;

– New commercial buildings;

– Façade and site upgrades to various downtown properties;

– Accessory Dwelling Units; and

– Wireless Facilities

Ideal Candidate

The ideal Assistant Planner candidate is someone who:

• Possesses a positive, can-do attitude;

• Possesses excellent communication skills (conveys messages clearly, concisely and persuasively);

• Handles multiple tasks simultaneously while prioritizing their work effectively;

• Is easily adaptable to sudden and unexpected changes in work assignments;

• Effectively represents the Community and Economic Development Department in responding to inquiries, providing assistance, and managing the public and community concerns about planning, land use, and zoning;

• Makes effective oral and written presentations;

• Works well under pressure, meeting multiple and possibly conflicting deadlines;

• Focuses on teamwork and collaboration with colleagues and supervisors.

• The ideal candidate is also someone who will embody and personify the City’s Mission, Vision, and Values.



1. Submit a completed City of Concord application and the required supplemental question responses online at by 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Only application materials submitted online during the filing period will be accepted.

Please attach a copy of your resume when you apply online. You must complete the job application in its entirety in addition to the resume submission in order to be considered (i.e., do not indicate “see resume” on job application).

2. All qualified applications and supplemental responses will be competitively evaluated, and those candidates demonstrating the strongest qualifications for the position will be invited to participate in a panel interview, which has been scheduled for Friday, December 13, 2019. If you are selected to participate in the panel interview and are unavailable, we regret that we will not be able to reschedule you.

3. Candidates that pass the panel interview will be placed on the hiring list, based on rank, for further consideration to fill the current regular vacancy, as well as others occurring over the next 12 months.

IMPORTANT: Contact with candidates will primarily be via email. Make sure you list a current email that you check regularly on your application.

SALARY: $34.49 – $44.02 Hourly

$5,978.27 – $7,630.13 Monthly

$71,739.20 – $91,561.60 Annually

OPENING DATE: 11/06/19

CLOSING DATE: 12/03/19 05:00 PM

If you have any specific questions regarding the recruitment and selection process, please contact the Human Resources Department at (925) 671-3308.



Performs research and analyses, report writing, information services, and plans and permits review in support of development permit processing, zoning and General Plan functions; and performs related and other work as required all within the context of the City’s Mission of providing responsive, cost effective, and innovative local government services through a collaborative effort with the community to make Concord a city of the highest quality.

Equipment, Methods & Guidelines

Uses federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and procedures and principles of planning. Uses City vehicles, telephones, and personal computers.

Working Conditions

Work is conducted primarily in an office setting, but includes visits to proposed construction sites, attendance at meetings held during the workday and occasionally in the evenings.

Physical Demands

Emphasize speech, hearing, vision, and stamina associated with attendance at evening meetings following a normal workday.

Supervisory Guidance Received/Given

Supervision received is characterized by general supervisory direction and control intended to define objectives and problems. Independently applies the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance to determine conformance; makes independent decisions regarding the appropriate level of review for assigned projects and whether the proposed use is allowed. Control over work methods is general, rather than detailed in nature. Work assignments, including written staff reports, are reviewed upon completion but before submission. Does not supervise other employees.


1. Functions as the initial contact at the Permit Center counter with the public and applicants, both in person and on the telephone for Planning-related permits; provides information and assistance to developers, property owners, and the general public regarding laws, policies, regulations, standards, and procedures in respect to the submission of plans and the processing of applications.

2. Reviews plans and supporting documents and determines application acceptability for minor permits; determines permit process type and enters required information into electronic and manual permit tracking systems.

3. Reviews routine, less complicated building and engineering permits to determine compliance with all appropriate zoning regulations; reviews and issues planning permits; and calculates planning fees according to the City’s Fees Resolution. Building permits may include but are not limited to: spas, swimming pools, HVAC equipment, tenant improvements, and building remodels and additions. Planning permits may include: accessory structures, fencing and retaining walls, home occupations, lot line adjustments, tenant occupancies, secondary living units, and signs. Engineering related-permits may include: grading plans, public utility easements, and encroachments.

4. Reviews, investigates, and processes various plans and applications for residential, office and commercial developments; processes subdivision, variance and use permit applications; determines conformity with laws, policies, regulations, and procedures, including field trips as necessary; recommends actions, identifies problems and alternatives. Prepares, and may present, staff recommendations for the Planning Commission, Design Review Board, and Zoning Administrator.

5. Plans and conducts research studies and prepares reports and recommendations regarding land use, zoning, urban design, population trends, transportation, and community service needs.

6. Maintains, updates, and analyzes demographic and other data basic to the Planning function and assists with the review, development, and revision of the General Plan, zoning ordinance(s), subdivision ordinance and other policies and procedures.

7. Prepares initial environmental analyses for development projects and draft mitigation measures and monitoring programs.

8. Prepares a variety of written communications, including analytical reports, commentaries, correspondence, and drafts of proposed revisions to ordinances, policies, and procedures.

9. Confers with and makes presentations to community groups, other government organizations, advisory boards, and other formal and informal groups.

10. Prepares graphic illustrations, such as maps, charts, graphs and renderings.

11. Promotes the City’s Mission to make Concord a city of the highest quality by providing responsive, cost-effective, and innovative government services; understands and subscribes to the vision and values adopted by the City in its Mission Statement.

12. Performs other duties as required.


Knowledge and Abilities

Working knowledge of the objectives, principles, procedures, standards, practices, and trends in the field of city planning; of the implementation of zoning and other municipal ordinances; of the methods used in developing information essential to modification of General Plan elements; of the application of relevant land use, physical design, economic, environmental, and/or social concepts; of basic information resources; of relevant mathematical concepts, including basic statistics and statistical analysis; of the terminology, symbols, methods, techniques, and instruments used in Planning; of local government organization; of project management techniques; and of the functions and practices of City work units with which coordination is required.

Ability to perform increasingly responsible and varied assignments under decreasing degrees of supervision; to learn and apply those aspects of federal, state, and local laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and standards pertinent to assigned areas of responsibility; to accurately interpret laws, regulations, maps, site and building plans, and specifications, graphs, and statistical data; to effectively collect, analyze, and summarize information; to prepare clear visual displays, such as maps, graphs, and illustrations; to effectively use word processing and spread sheet software; to communicate effectively orally and in writing; to understand and carry out oral and written instructions; and to establish and maintain cooperative and effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work.


Education: Completion of four or more years in City Planning or related college curriculum.

Experience: Two years professional planning experience providing general plan, zoning, or development services.


A California Driver’s License and a satisfactory driving record are conditions of initial and continued employment.

For more information or to apply, please visit:

The City of Concord is an Equal Opportunity/Veteran’s Preference Employer.

The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute a contract, express or implied and any provisions contained in this bulletin may be modified or revoked without notice. It is a policy of the City to refuse to consider a person for a position whenever that person’s relationship to an employee, elected or appointed official, or member of a board or commission has the potential for creating adverse impact on supervision, safety, security, or morale, or involves a potential conflict of interest.


1950 Parkside Drive

Concord, CA 94519


Position #2019-00062