City of Richmond – Planner I

The City of Richmond is seeking highly motivated, dependable and hardworking candidates to fill the position of Planner I.  If you’re someone who enjoys conducting research studies regarding land use, urban design, population trends, transportation, housing, redevelopment and community service needs, this position could be for you!

Planner I is the entry-level class in the professional planning series. Planners are responsible for providing assistance to higher-level planners in the areas of research, data collection and preparation of reports. Assignments are intended to provide background experience in the fundamental principles and practices of municipal planning which are a prerequisite for professional-level work. Initially, incumbents work under close supervision and are expected to become increasingly knowledgeable and capable of carrying out assignments with increasing independence. This class is alternatively staffed with Planner II, and incumbents may advance to the higher-level class.

Position Description and Duties (Illustrative Only)

Essential duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Plans and conducts research studies and prepares reports and recommendations regarding land use, urban design, population trends, transportation, housing, redevelopment and community service needs.
2. Maintains updates and analyzes demographic and other data required for the planning function.
3. Assists with the review, development or revision of the various elements of the General Plan, environmental impact reports, plans, ordinances, and other policies and procedures.
4. May use computers and software programs for various technical planning projects and studies.
5. Provides information and assistance to developers, property owners and the general public regarding laws, policies, regulations, standards, and procedures with respect to the submission of plans, processing of applications and the implementation of requirements.
6. Reviews, investigates and processes various plans and applications for subdivisions, housing and commercial developments, variances, use permits and business licenses; determines conformity with laws, policies, regulations and procedures; recommends approval, identifies problems and alternatives.
7. Coordinates the preparation of meeting agendas for various commissions, boards, and community groups.
8. Organizes conferences and work sessions and ensures timely notification of appropriate parties.
9. Prepares a variety of communications, including analytical reports, commentaries, and correspondence, and drafts revisions to local ordinances, policies, and procedures.
10. Compiles, analyzes and interprets data to define environmental conditions, social, economic and housing trends, community needs and zoning problems.
11. Makes field surveys and investigations related to planning and zoning projects or requests.
12. Makes presentations or prepares materials for presentation to the City Council, Boards, Commissions, and community groups.
13. Answers questions and provides information and assistance to the public, and may act as liaison with other agencies, departments, and planning sections.
14. Prepares maps and other visual aids to illustrate planning studies findings; develops and prepares materials for pamphlets, brochures, and publications.
15. May provide direction to others on a project basis and instruction for others on work procedures.
16. May be required to walk on rough unpaved areas such as fields or construction zones.

All candidates must apply online and submit a fully completed City of Richmond Employment Application, including responses to the supplemental questions, before July 16, 2021.

Please see the application here or on the City’s website: