City of Sacramento – Sustainability Analyst

The City of Sacramento’s recruitment list is now open for analysts – applicants with sustainability and/or equity experience and interest should apply quickly!!! Please share!

Interested applicants should apply ASAP. This list only opens periodically, and closes February 9, 2020, or as soon as it caps.

Human Resources has just opened the job announcement to establish a new Administrative Analyst list. The recruitment is open through February 9, 2021, however it will be capped at 400 applicants, whichever comes first. Therefore, for those interested, please apply ASAP.

The classification is general, but we will recruit from this list for a sustainability analyst position that would serve in the City Manager’s Office to implement the new citywide climate action program (pending approval by City Council in the Midyear 2021 budget next Tuesday, February 2nd). Responsibilities are identified below. In your application, please highlight and emphasize your climate action and sustainability expertise. Note that this list may also be used to recruit for new analysts in the Office of Diversity and Equity. Applicants with sustainability or equity experience are strongly encouraged to apply!

Note that the classification is used to fill many types of analyst positions across City departments; due to this broad use, the list is expected to quickly cap out at 400 applicants. Interested individuals are strongly encouraged to apply early !

For detailed information and to apply, please go to:

  • Click on “Open Jobs”
  • Select “Administrative Analyst” at the top of the page. Job description is general, but this is the list we will pull from for climate action implementation.

Key Responsibilities for Analyst – City Manager’s Office, Climate Action Program

*Pending City Council approval in the Midyear 2021 Budget

Key responsibilities will include support for the City’s various climate-related programs, coordination of sustainability efforts, and implementation of actions from the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change. Responsibilities will include but are not limited to evaluation and analysis of municipal and community programs, support for climate action strategy evaluation and implementation, research of best practices, and development of City policies and programs. The position will also assist with tracking of related legislation and preparation of grant applications, in addition to analysis of opportunities and impacts for the City. This position will support coordination across City departments and with outside agencies and stakeholders, while also assisting with community engagement and public presentations.

Jennifer Venema

Jennifer Venema
Interim Climate Action Lead

City of Sacramento

P: 916.808.1859