Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority – Coastal Planning Project Manager

The Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority’s (MRCA) Coastal Planning Project Manager (Class: Project Analyst III) will plan and manage projects for coastal accessway development, coastal parkland development, trail system development, public access, and open space conservation, including design and construction of new coastal and parkland amenities, creation of parkland and beach access in coastal neighborhoods, renovation of infrastructure and buildings, acquisition of land, and development of long-term improvement, operation and management plans. Capital projects include renovation of existing facilities, new construction by contractors and force account, and fee acquisition and donation of land interests.

This is professional and technical work pursuant to the terms of grants, contracts, and applicable regulations, involving frequent communication with others, for a flexible person at an intermediate level. Project managers must also build community support, seek funding opportunities, actively cooperate with other government agencies and non-profit organizations, and keep current with related planning processes. The work performed will support MRCA’s Coastal Access Work program, land acquisition, and major maintenance/improvement projects in the Coastal Zone, and other MRCA efforts related to public access, open space conservation, habitat restoration, and coastal park development.

This position requires a highly motivated, responsible, organized and self-starter individual who can handle an array of tasks at the same time as part of her/his/their workload, has good judgment and can make decisions, and works well independently and as part of a small team. The individual must be able to come up with multiple solutions to any given problem, in areas that may be outside their expertise, and be willing to take on uncertain challenges.

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