Pajaro Dunes Associations – Community Affairs Consultant

BACKGROUND: The Community Affairs Committee comprises members from both the Pajaro Dunes North Association and Pajaro Dunes Association (south).  The Committee’s charge is to monitor governmental actions, particularly at the local level, that affect Pajaro Dunes, take or recommend action on public issues where appropriate, and sponsor activities that build community within Pajaro Dunes and with its neighbors.

Areas of specific interest or concentration include but are not limited to maintenance and flooding of access roads, periodic breaching of sandbar on the Pajaro River, fire prevention and protection, maintenance of sea walls, regulations impacting future repair and/or replacement of structures, mosquito abatement, and water/sewer services.

The consultant reports to the Presidents of the two associations and takes assignments from the Presidents and/or General Managers of the associations.  Based upon the experience of the current consultant (who is retiring), the hours vary depending upon pending issues but some 140 hours were billed in a recent six-month period.  Those interested in applying should contact Roger Samuelsen (; 925-708-0237 [cell]).


  1. Eyes and Ears – Monitor agendas of County Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and Flood Control District, and follow news outlets and other sources, for issues that might be of interest or concern to the Pajaro Dunes community; network with government officials, both elected and administrative, to encourage outcomes of benefit to community; keep the Community Affairs Committee and Management informed and recommend direct involvement of Committee members and Management if deemed appropriate
  2. Committee Meetings – Schedule and facilitate meetings; prepare and distribute agendas and minutes; communicate with others who should attend a meeting for specific items of interest
  3. Fire Department – Schedule annual meetings of the Committee with CalFire to review its budget; represent the committee at County Board of Supervisors budget hearing on the fire department budget