To ignore low-income neighborhoods of color perpetuates disinvestment. But to invest in them through better transit, walkable streets, or the amenities that accompany TOD, risks exacerbating gentrification and displacement pressures. This book addresses that conundrum. —Excerpts from a review in JAPA by Adam Millard-Ball, associate professor of environmental studies, UC Santa Cruz.

Half Moon Village contributes affordable housing to a campus where seniors can age in place

From HUD USER, January 2020. A collaboration among San Mateo County, the city of Half Moon Bay, and local service providers resulted in the Half Moon Bay Senior Campus, which provides housing, services, and amenities on a 10-acre site. The campus, following a 2009 plan, consists of 264 units of affordable rental housing in three separate developments that help senior residents age in place. Half Moon Village earned a 2017–2018 Global Award for Excellence from ULI for its integration of housing, common spaces, and services intended to encourage resident interaction and an active lifestyle for seniors.

BART’s AB 2923 TOD Guidance Document and 10-Year Work Plan — what you need to know

By Sajuti Rahman, associate editor, Northern News, February 20, 2020. BART just released an outline for new TOD Guidelines on its properties, along with an outline for a Work Plan to make sure its TOD Program can respond to the new requirements in AB 2923. Unless local jurisdictions rezone by June 30, 2022, the localities’ zoning on BART properties will default to BART’s TOD zoning standards.

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