Why zoning for Middle Housing doesn’t make it so

a mail carrier walks by two-story two-family house

By David Driskell, with Ian Carlton, Tyler Bump, and Michelle Anderson, August 11, 2021. SB9 and other initiatives propose changes to single-family zoning to create more “missing middle” housing, and in the process, more diverse housing and greater affordability. But economic analyses of the potential market response show some of these changes won’t result in much on-the-ground change. Why is that? What’s a planner to do?

Meet a local planner: Dr. Don Bradley

Elderly man places arm on shoulder of younger woman younger woman as he holds framed certificate in other hand so we can see it

May 2010. Northern Section Director Darcy Kremin, AICP, presents Donald Bradley, AICP, with a surprise Certificate of Excellence for his leadership in conducting Northern Section’s AICP Exam preparation workshops since 1990. His distinguished career spans more than 60 years and has taken him around the world on large-scale and complex planning projects. Interview by Catarina Kidd, AICP.

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