Sustainability Champions Launch

The APA’s Sustainable Communities Division (SCD) launched its sustainability leadership program, the Sustainability Champion (SC) program after nominations were made and champions were selected in August-September, 2014.

Scott T. Edmondson, AICP, ISSP-SA, of the APA California Northern Section was selected as one of the champions and is looking forward to working with the California Chapter Board and planners in creating an initiative to advance sustainability planning in California communities.

He will continue his Research Lead role in the Northern Section APA Sustainability Committee, which he proposed and co-directed with Katja Irvin, until January 2013.

The Northern Section Sustainability Committee will be one of the inaugural members of the SCD’s Sustainability Champions California program, and Scott will lead that work.

The APS SCD champion’s program grew out of the research and facilitated discussion that Scott initiated for the 2013 APA National Conference in Chicago (see this post:  ).

Champions work in California since the Fall of 2016 has involved XXXX

A programmatic offering will be launched state-wide at the APA California Pasadena 2016 Conference . . ..


For information, questions, joining the e-list, or interest in volunteering, please send Scott an email at

Bio:  forthcoming.

[Post prepared by Scott T. Edmondson, AICP, founder/past co-director and Research Program Lead of the Northern Section’s Sustainability Committee, one of the APA Sustainable Communities Division’s Sustainability Champions, and a strategic sustainability planner-economist at the SF Planning Department.]

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