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New York Times on CA housing crisis

By the Editorial Board, The New York Times, April 28, 2019.

“California finally is beginning to consider solutions to its housing crisis that are on the same scale as the problem. …

“Precisely because [SB50] rewrites the rules for so much California land, it is likely to facilitate development at a wide range of price points. But even if the new construction is disproportionately upscale, it could serve to reduce development pressures on communities outside the rezoned areas.

“It is not, to be sure, a silver bullet. Even if the state can reduce rents and home prices by greatly increasing the amount of new housing, California still needs to find the means and will to subsidize housing for those who cannot afford market-rate units. But it would be a mistake to preserve some affordable housing by preventing the construction of more affordable housing.

“It is time to rewrite the rules: The solution to California’s housing crisis is more housing.”

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