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Thirty from Northern Section pass May 2019 AICP exam

Just under 500 APA members passed the AICP Certification Exam administered in May. The 30 Northern Section members listed below include five who are enrolled in the AICP Candidate Pilot Program and may now use the AICP Candidate designation. Congratulations to all!

Della Acosta, AICP

Cristina Bejarano, AICP Candidate

Barry Bergman, AICP

Jeff Bond, AICP

Sarah Bowab, AICP

Brian Chambers, AICP

William Chui, AICP

Stein Coriell, AICP

Jesse Davis, AICP

Alison Ecker, AICP Candidate

Stefanie Farmer, AICP

Jessica Garner, AICP

Matthew Gilster, AICP

Anna Harkman, AICP

Jordan Harrison, AICP

Brendan Hurley, AICP Candidate

Daniel Jacobson

Ashley James, AICP

Ethan Lavine, AICP

Joseph Lawlor, AICP

Xinyu Liang, AICP

Rafael Murillo, AICP

Trever Parker, AICP

Colin Piethe, AICP Candidate

Garrison Rees, AICP

Annie Ryan, AICP

Margaret Smith, AICP

Stephen Tu, AICP

Atisha Varshney, AICP

Matthew Wiswell, AICP Candidate