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Caltrain talks regional rail

By Curtis Driscoll, Daily Journal Staff, January 8, 2021

“The Caltrain board discussed a possible regional rail enterprise between BART and Caltrain to create a more integrated and efficient regional transportation network as part of a discussion on regional transit coordination.

“Caltrain board member Steve Heminger, a retired executive director for MTC, suggested a regional rail enterprise between Caltrain and BART because BART now runs service in all three counties that Caltrain operates in, both are rail operations and Caltrain has spent money on projects to connect Caltrain platforms and services with BART stations.

“At the meeting, Caltrain staff said changes would be a new authority that controls transit coordination and services in the future instead of having the different regional transit organizations coordinate.

“The many different organizations are trying to work together and coordinate, including having weekly meetings, sharing strategies for best practices, fare integration and more coordinated long-range planning.”

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