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ICYMI: This Fact Sheet can aid localities in implementing SB 9

HCD, March 25, 2022

“The California Department of Housing and Community Development released an SB 9 Fact Sheet as a resource to local agencies, homeowners, and other stakeholders. The fact sheet provides a high-level overview of key parts of the law and addresses common questions received by HCD from local agency staff and members of the public over recent months.

“SB 9 represents an important tool for creating more housing opportunities in single-family residential communities throughout the state and a key strategy to help solve California’s housing crisis.

“HCD does not have authority to enforce SB 9, but violations of SB 9 may violate other statutes over which HCD does have enforcement authority, including:

  • Housing Element Law
  • Housing Crisis Act of 2019
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit Law
  • Housing Accountability Act

 “As local jurisdictions implement SB 9, including adopting local ordinances, it is important to keep these and other housing laws in mind. As of [March 25], the Housing Accountability Unit (HAU) has received 29 complaints about local SB 9 implementation ordinances that it is currently investigating for potential violations of state law. The HAU is coordinating with the California Office of the Attorney General on SB 9-related complaints.

“ …[The] HAU holds jurisdictions accountable for their housing element commitments and other state housing laws.”

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