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Congratulations to Northern Section’s 2022 PEN Honor Award recipients

By Andrew Trippel, AICP, November 5, 2022

Northern Section congratulates these members who received Planners Emeritus Network (PEN) Honor Awards at the recent 2022 APA California conference:

STEPHEN AVIS, AICP, currently known as Councilmember Avis to the City of Ferndale, is a renowned planner in the far north Redwood Region of the Northern Section of the California Chapter. He has also been an outstanding and highly engaged member of the Board of the Northern Section of the California Chapter for over ten (10) years, contributing to the Section’s programs and activities. Read more

SAMUEL HERTZBERG, AICP, has 30-plus years of public-sector planning experience specializing in regional and County park planning. Over his longtenured planning career, Sam has been a mentor to many planning interns and students from San Francisco State University, Stanford University, and San Jose State University. Read more

VICTORIA WALKER has devoted her career to innovative planning endeavors at the local level for some 43 years. In addition to her consulting work, Victoria continues to coach and mentor of young planners and others serving in City government, and is dedicated to fostering the next generation of young women planners and leaders. Read more

Their professional contributions to our northern California communities, as well as their volunteer commitments to Northern Section’s success and service in mentorship to young planning professionals, offer us exciting leadership and engagement models for reflection and inspiration. Learn more about these highly qualified planners who have made significant contributions to the field of planning, APA, and their communities at 2022 PEN Honorees.

The Planner Emeritus Network (PEN) is an affiliate and resource support group for the APA California Chapter, the California Planning Foundation, and the California Planning Historical Society. PEN represents a body of long-tenured members of APA who are available to provide knowledge of the profession as it has matured in California. PEN members also are available to provide their personal insights, experiences, and planning history when requested by the Board or other organizations, groups, and individuals.

Each year, a select few APA California members receive a PEN Honor Award for an outstanding contribution to the profession or for a significant accomplishment that enhanced the recognition and value of planning. In 2022, twelve received PEN Honor Awards.

Past PEN Honor Award Recipients from the Northern Section include:
2021 – Elizabeth Tyler, Ph.D, FAICP
2020 – No awardees in the Northern Section
2019 – David Early, AICP
2018 – Tom Jacobson, AICP; and Dan Marks, AICP
2017 – Hing Wong, FAICP
2016 – Steve Piasecki, AICP
2015 – Hanson Hom, AICP
2014 – Joseph Horwedel, AICP; Mike Moore; and Eileen Whitty, AICP
2013 – Barry Miller, FAICP; Linda C. Dalton, FAICP, Ph.D.; Pete Parkinson, AICP; and Donald Weden
2012 – Dr. Earl Bossard, AICP; Anne Cronin Moore; Barbara Kautz, FAICP; and Leon Pirofalo, AICP (posthumously)
2011 – Alec Bash, AICP; Elaine Costello, FAICP; and Alex Hinds
2010 – Dan Iacofano, PhD, FAICP; Naphtali Knox, FAICP; Joan Lamphier; and Paul Sedway, FAICP
2009 – Dean Macris, FAICP; Marjorie Macris, FAICP; and Donald Rothblatt, FAICP
2008 – Dr. Don Bradley, AICP; Jeanette Dinwiddie-Moore, FAICP; and Wayne Goldberg, AICP
2007 – Vivian Kahn, FAICP
2002 – 2006 – No awardees in the Northern Section
2001 – Larz Anderson; and Nadya Andrews, AICP
2000 – Ken Norwood
1999 – John Hirten, FAICP
1998 – Betty Croly, FAICP

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