Just one Bay Area city is pro-housing so far, state says

By Sarah Wright, San Francisco Standard, December 19, 2022

“[Oakland] joins Citrus Heights, Fontana, West Sacramento, San Diego and Roseville—plus Sacramento, which was added in February—to the list of jurisdictions that can get priority for state housing and transportation funding because of their housing-friendly policies.

San Francisco, meanwhile, is on the state’s naughty list. In early August, California opened an investigation into San Francisco over its policies and practices, like its extra long permitting timelines that may be the result of practices like discretionary review, which gives anyone the power to appeal each new project.

“Cities that receive the designation get preference for state grants, plus access to an additional $25.7 million as part of a new pilot program.

“California housing officials praised Oakland’s ‘one-stop shop’ permitting system and its bike and pedestrian friendly infrastructure, among other programs and plans that they say makes building housing there easier.”

Read the full article here.  (~3 min.)

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