Sustainability Division Events at the National Conference

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Sustainable Communities Division events at the 2013 APA National Conference

Preliminary programs for this year’s national conference (in Chicago, April 13-17) are arriving in your mailbox this week. Mark your calendars for the three events hosted by the Sustainable Communities Division:

  • Sunday 3:00pm, FACILITATED DISCUSSION: “Mobilizing Sustainability Planning” Join the dialogue between APA state chapters and the new Sustainable Communities Division
  • Sunday 4:30pm, DIVISION BUSINESS MEETING + RECEPTION (not yet in the program) Everyone’s invited to our annual projects organizing meeting — over drinks and food!
  • Monday 1:00pm, DIVISION SESSION: “Best Practices in Sustainable Community Planning” How can planners and regulators lead the way in crafting more sustainable communities?

Want to see more action like this pushing sustainability to the forefront of planning practice and the APA? Join our new Division and make us stronger!

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