Adams Point

Home Sweet Gnome

This high density residential neighborhood located north of Lake Merritt is bounded by Harrison Street, Grand Avenue, and Interstate 580 / Macarthur Avenue.  The neighborhood name comes from Edson Adams, the original landowner.

This neighborhood contains a hodge podge of architectural styles.  There is a mix of older craftsman and Mediterranean style homes scattered among 1970s era condominium and apartment buildings.  Restaurants of various cuisines (Mexican, Japanese, Ethiopian, Italian) and small businesses line Grand Avenue.

This area has grown in popularity due to its diversity, close proximity to Uptown and Grand Lake, and easy transportation options.

How to get to Adams Point:

  • By bus: From downtown Oakland, take the AC Transit 12 route northbound on Broadway directly to the neighborhood.
  • On foot: Alternatively, this route can be a leisurely 2 mile walk along Broadway and Grand Avenue.
  • By bus: Broadway can also be traveled using the free Broadway “B” Shuttle.

Guide and Photos by Jackie Yang

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