April 2016

  • Planning tour to SE Asia, 2017
. Alex Hinds, Hing Wong, AICP. Meeting April to narrow down destinations. Page 1
  • Director’s note. Andrea Ouse, AICP. Board openings for planning commissioner representative, webmaster, and mentorship director. Page 3
  • In memoriam. Joe Horwedel, AICP, former San Jose planning director, died Feb. 22 after battling cancer. Page 4
  • Norcal roundup. Page 5
  • Climate change receipts fund affordable housing. Jen Kinney, Next City. Projects benefit from California’s cap-and-trade program. Page 7
  • Where in the world. Chandler Lee. P. 9
  • Who’s where. Borrelli, Heinz, Kawashima, Khan, Nevajda, O’Halloran, Stern. Page 10

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