May 2016

  • Environmental planning achievement award. Stakeholders worked three years to produce San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Water Facility Master Plan. Page 1
  • Director’s note. Andrea Ouse, AICP. Awards Program (June 10, SF). Half-day ethics and law courses, 1.5 AICP|CM credits each (April 30, Oakland). Page 3
  • Stanford: 1450 new student-housing units. 2019 occupancy for redevelopment of the university’s 17-acre Escondido Village. Scott Lefaver, AICP. Page 4
  • Specific Plans add development certainty and inspire quality projects consistent with general plan goals, policies. Steve Matarazzo describes his experience in Morgan Hill and San Luis Obispo. Page 5
  • Where in the world. Hugh Graham. P. 13

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