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Livermore council approves land transfer for downtown affordable housing

By Joseph Geha, Mercury News, May 26, 2022

“Livermore [City Council unanimously] approved transferring a [5.5 acre] plot of downtown city-owned land to nonprofit developer [Eden Housing of Hayward] to build 130 affordable apartments.

“The project, which has been in the planning stage for several years under the city’s vision for its downtown, has been held up for a year, in large part because of persistent legal challenges from a group of residents opposed to the plans.

“The project also will include a roughly 31,000-square-foot public park, called ‘Veterans Park,’ that will span the area between the buildings, city reports said.

“Transferring the land to Eden Housing could allow it to compete for more grants and other funding to help build the project, city reports said. Eden Housing already has secured $14 million from Alameda County Measure A sales tax funds for the affordable housing.

“ ‘The agreement is a horrible deal for the city, and further demonstrates that the city is not listening to its residents,’ [said Jean King, a member of Save Livermore Downtown. She] also threatened potential further legal action [referring to a pending appeal of a lawsuit over development at the site].

“But the council fired back, arguing Save Livermore Downtown is only aiming to delay the housing, and said most residents have expressed support for the downtown plans through elections, referendums, and public planning sessions.”

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