Northern News – April 2018

“HOW I BECAME A PLANNING DIRECTOR.” YPG’s Veronica Flores reports. Following a panel discussion, 12 planning directors each met with five young planners and emerging professionals in a comfortable setting to share what they know. Page 1

WHERE IN THE WORLD. A photo by Erin Camarera from a country we have not previously covered. Page 5

HOMELESSNESS: COMING TO LIGHT. Cherise Orange and Kojo Pierce. “We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can’t solve.” But we can. Page 6

PLANNING NEWS ROUNDUP. Finding better ways to plan for, and recover from, wildfire • Why do we have an SB 827 anyway? • Millbrae: Mixed-use project near train station narrowly approved after public negotiation • California: Development fees push up cost of housing • And much more. Page 7

MEET A LOCAL PLANNER. Catarina Kidd, AICP, interviews Amy Skewes-Cox, AICP. Page 8

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Northern News – March 2018

FINDING AND SUPPORTING ALLIES FOR LIVABLE COMMUNITIES (of all ages). Erin McAuliff. Supportive built environments can strengthen individual relationships, ensure access to care, resources, and recreation, and reduce isolation across the lifespan. Page 1

PLANNERS AND STUDENTS VISIT BRAZIL FOR COLLABORATIVE SERVICE AND LEARNINGMike Jacobson, with Alex Hinds, Tonya Veitch, and Hing Wong, AICP. Members of a graduate planning class spent one week in Ouro Preto, Brazil, collecting data, talking to residents, and conducting several workshops. The workshops generated a list of opportunities and constraints, plus a prioritized list of community needs subsequently included in a grant application submitted by the residents’ association to the Inter-American Foundation. Page 4

MEET A LOCAL PLANNERCatarina Kidd, AICP, interviews Liz Probst, AICP. Page 9


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Northern News – February 2018

HELP FOR A NEIGHBORHOOD AS GOOGLE ARRIVESNicole Guzman, with Nikki Chan and Michael Tkalcevic. Graduate students help San Jose’s Delmas Park neighborhood, continuing work started by the city’s now-defunct Strong Neighborhoods Initiative. Pages 1 and 18–20

WATER RESILIENCE IN THE BAY AREA IN RESPONSE TO A CHANGING CLIMATEHolly Pearson, AICP. The Bay Area needs to adapt regional and local water systems and consumption to new conditions brought about by global climate change. Page 4


MEET A LOCAL PLANNER. Associate editor Catarina Kidd, AICP, interviews Benjamin Fu, Cupertino. Page 12

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Northern News – December 2017/January 2018

HOW CITY PLANNING CAN CHANGE AN ANTI-AGING CULTUREJosh Cohen, Next City. Elderly residents find services and social opportunities spread out and access difficult. Housing affordability can be a struggle. At least one city wants to change that. Page 1

IN MEMORIAMValentin (Val) Alexeeff and George A. Williams. Pages 4-5

NORTHERN SECTION’S YOUNG PLANNERS GROUP IS LOOKING TO GROWMeet the inaugural steering committee: 12 planners dedicated to strengthening YPG’s presence and programming. Pages 9, 17-20

WHO’S WHEREElizabeth Caraker, AICP; Lindy Chan; Florentina Craciun, AICP; Matt Kawashima; Laura C. Russell, AICP; Jonathan Schuppert, AICP; Theresa Wallace, AICP; Yosef Yip. Pages 13-15

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Northern News – November 2017

THE BAY AREA GREENPRINT TOOLElizabeth Adam and Serena Unger. Regional conservation data for local benefit: a powerful new interactive web tool to show multi-benefit assessments. Page 1

DIRECTOR’S NOTESharon Grewal, AICP. North Bay fire assistance resources | Housing package implementation webinar | Holiday party November 17 | SF Urban Film Festival, Storytelling Workshop, November 19. Page 3


A NEW ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY PLAN FOR SAN JOSEHolly Pearson, AICP. The ESP will reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to energy, transportation, and water. Page 13

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Northern News – October 2017

PUTTING ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE INTO GENERAL PLANSCalifornia Environmental Justice Alliance and PlaceWorks. New requirements for general plan updates plus a toolkit to guide you through SB1000 requirements. Page 1

DIRECTOR’S NOTESharon Grewal, AICP. Northern Section commits to ‘Planners4Health’ Program. Page 3

MEET A LOCAL PLANNERSiân Llewellyn, AICP, interviews Timothy Rood, AICP, principal city designer, City of San Jose. Page 9

2017 PEN HONOR AWARDHing Wong, AICP, recently retired from ABAG, receives award from the Planner Emeritus Network. Page 11

WHO’S WHEREAfshan Hamid, AICP; David Mack, AICP; Andrea Ouse, AICP. Page 13

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Northern News – September 2017

SAN JOSE 1st, SAN FRANCISCO 4th AMONG U.S. MAJOR CITIES PURSUING SUSTAINABILITYRick Phillips, AICP. The U.S. organization Sustainable Development Solutions Network ranked 100 U.S. cities against the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Page 1

OAKLAND’S AWARD-WINNING LAKESIDE SENIOR APARTMENTS. HUD USER. The design promotes neighborhood engage- ment, accessibility, effective service delivery, and environmental sustainability. Page 6

MEET A LOCAL PLANNERSiân Llewellyn, AICP, interviews Laura Simpson, AICP, Concord’s Planning and Housing Manager. Page 9

BOLLARDS FOR SECURITYExamples of well-designed bollards placed effectively for public safety. Page 15

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Northern News – July/August 2017

NEW APPROACHES TO CURB SKYROCKETING RENTSBarry Miller, FAICP. Eschewing rent control, a growing number of Bay Area cities are turning to non-binding mediation and rent review. Here are the factors to consider. Page 1

DIRECTOR’S NOTESharon Grewal, AICP. Upcoming webinars include wireless communications facilities and current state legislation. Page 3

THE VERY BESTPhotos from the 2017 Awards presentation and gala. Page 4

WHERE IN THE WORLDWe even offer a hint. Photo by Hanson Hom, AICP. Page 9

LESSONS FROM NEW YORK CITY’S HIGH LINERebecca Coleman, UC Berkeley. The High Line caused displacement, but a 2005 rezoning of West Chelsea is mostly to blame. Page 11

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Director’s Notes – 2017

By Sharon Grewal, AICP, Northern Section Director

We are beginning the year with significant change in Washington, but I believe we at the local level have the greatest impact in shaping our communities. In these challenging times, we, the planning community, have the opportunity to be a force for good and a force for change. We must be that change, involved in and committed to improving our communities.

During the Northern Section Retreat January 21st, your Board reflected on new ways we can engage our planning community and build coalitions with local organizations. As Section Director, I also have the privilege of representing the Northern Section on the California Chapter Board and look forward to bringing you great ideas from the Chapter Retreats.

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Northern News – June 2017

PLANNING STUDENTS EMPLOY TACTICAL URBANISM TO ENGAGE SAN JOSE’S NORTHSIDE NEIGHBORHOODCarly Panos. This well-intentioned student project hit a bureaucratic roadblock and faced planning fatigue in the community. Results and lessons learned. Page 1

DESIGNING FOR PEOPLE IN AN ERA OF SELF-DRIVING CARSWilliam Riggs, Melissa Ruhl and Nico Larco. What policy considerations should be made for auto-serving land uses? What is the future of retail, warehousing, and the complete street? Page 6

MEET A LOCAL PLANNERSiân Llewellyn, AICP, interviews Kohar Kojayan, AICP, deputy community development director, city of San Mateo. Page 8


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