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                            “The best way to predict the future is to create it!”

Plan-it sustainably!

As William McDonough says, “Being less bad is NOT being good.”  That is the challenge of our time–moving from less bad (per unit impact reduction) to good (zero impact), or better yet, to great (restorative/regenerative impact), post-haste.

Plan-it sustainably
Biophilic Urbanism
Regenerative Planning

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The Sustainability Committee serves Northern Section planners who are interested in deepening their capacity to respond effectively to the accelerating sustainability challenge (see About and Bios).The Committee does the legwork to bring planners credible knowledge, powerful tools, and inspiring and instructive cases. It highlights examples of innovative sustainability planning. The Committee provides information, education, and training through this web site, the Plan-It Sustainably column in the Northern News, the Plan-It Sustainably Journal-Blog (comment, subscribe via RSS, and author a guest post), workshops, and events (see the Resources and Publishing pages).

The Committee emphasizes strategic sustainability planning because it is a powerful approach that is less familiar than others, but inclusive of them (see the Resources page, Quick Start section).  In addition, the Committee highlights leading sustainability planning initiatives–that is, the emerging integrative thread of designing, planning, and developing regenerative environments at site, district,   community, and regional scales (see Resources page, Regenerative Planning section).


(041714) Genera Plan Sustainability APA/UCB Event, May 1, 6, & 8. . EcoDistrict for Practitioners Workshop June 2nd, Oakland. The Committee’s leadership work group met in mid January to forge the Committee’s 2014 work plan (see AboutBios, and Work Plan (forthcoming)). The committee will continue publishing the Plan-it sustainably column in the Northern News and blog, produce and co-sponsor CM events, and continue to illuminate the evolving challenge and practice of sustainability planning in the Northern Section. The work began in July 2012 in partnership  with the APA Colorado State Chapter’s Sustainability Committee will continue. It produced one of the new Sustainable Community Division’s by-right sessions at the 2013 National APA Conference in Chicago, Mobilizing Sustainability Planning and the publication, The Challenge of Sustainability Planning — State APA Chapters and the new APA Sustainable Communities Division (p 4).

Invitation to Collaborate

Contribute and collaborate in ways that fit your time and interests (see the Invitation to Collaborate page for details). Your work in any of the following roles would advance sustainability in the Northern Section.

  • Volunteers (writers, editors, researchers, web publishing wizards)
  • Northern Member Sustainability Experts (share resources, projects, expertise)
  • Research Partners (University Programs, Professors, Students)
  • Expert Sustainability Advisors
  • Organizational Alliances and Support

Subscribe to the Committee’s email list and E-Update to stay current on events, resources, news. Send us your questions, comments, collaboration interests, and suggestions for resources you would find most valuable. We look forward to working with you, Dave Javid and Katja Irvin, co-directors  (see bios)

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Also:  The APA CA Chapter Northern Planners Working Group on Energy and the Built Environment is working on an key aspect of sustainability.

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