Bucky is Forefather of In-Vogue Urban Planning

Did you know that urban planning is in vogue these days!

Check out this article in the NYT reviews the contributions of Buckminster Fuller to urban planning.

. . . R. Buckminster Fuller [was] one of the 20th century’s most enthusiastic champions of urban innovation.

Though his major projects did not see the light of day, Mr. Fuller was prescient in discussing environmental problems that are now central to green urban planning. In a 2007 TED Talk, the world-renowned architect Norman Foster credited Mr. Fuller, his friend and mentor, with being one of the green design movement’s forefathers.

The key point the article misses, is that the core value Mr. Fuller produced was not the ideas themselves, but the capacity for such innovation through comprehensive anticipatory design science. The Buckminster Fuller Institute is continuing this legacy in their annual competition, the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. It contains a resources page that provides some of the foundation of comprehensive anticipatory design science.

And of course, if you want the short version, you can purchase a copy of the republished 1969, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. and help support the work of the Institute.

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