New TNSI Global Strategic Sustainability Initiative

The Natural Step International (TNSI), after several years of strategic planning, has formulated a powerful, new, 5-year strategic direction 2012-2017.

The new direction addresses the cumulative insufficiency of global efforts to date, the increasing urgency and magnitude of the challenge, and the shrinking window of opportunity.

The new approach builds on 22 years of success working with individual organizations and communities but shifts to enabling the broad based movement needed for collaborative change, transformation, and ultimate success.

TNSI’s new strategic direction is an opportunity for firms, communities, and sustainability champions to reassess their effectiveness, review TNSI’s new program and open-source Framework for Sustainable Development (FSSD), and leverage TNSI’s new approach and FSSD to their own advantage.

After all, the point is not being the most sustainable firm or city IN the world, but the most sustainable firm or city FOR the world.

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The Natural Step is a global network of non-profit organizations, strategic partners, and individuals who share the same brand, identity and purpose. Its vision is a world in which individuals, communities, and businesses, thrive within nature’s limits. Its mission is to accelerate change towards sustainability. TNSI is the international secretariat that facilitates and coordinates the wide-ranging activities of TNS offices and the global network of practitioners and researchers.

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