Defining Sustainability in Practice

tbl_circles-smallTwo posts from the Emerging Local Government Leaders Network (ELGL) appear useful for other practiioners. The ELGL is comprised of more than 450 local government professionals, in the early to middle stages of their government careers, from city managers to management analysts. The overarching goal of the group is to address the issue of mentoring the next generation of local government leaders. An active listserv, monthly luncheons, and our website are some of the communication tools our network utilizes.

The posts are found on a blog by Beth Otto. Beth is sharing her perspective on the varying definitions of sustainability and her experiences in implementing sustainability strategies. As follows.

The cases reference Lake Oswego, Oregon’s, recent process to integrate sustainability into the heart of planning and  decision making.

Each blog post ends with references to useful tools, including this supplemental reading:

See also, Defining Sustainability – Planning’s Role.

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