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SFCTA, looking to congestion pricing, wants input

By Carly Graf, SF Examiner, August 26, 2020

City officials expect downtown and SoMa congestion will return to last year’s record levels.

“Residents can participate in a town hall or complete surveys in four different languages to learn more about the research and give their opinion.

“Low-income communities and people of color are especially hurt by congestion. They’re more likely to be transit-dependent and disproportionately affected by delays, and they tend to live and work in zones with higher rates of traffic collisions.

“Advocates for congestion pricing say a pricing scheme that discourages personal and rideshare drivers from traveling downtown during peak hours won’t keep them out … altogether [but] will encourage [residents] to use public transit or alternative transportation options.

“The scenario being tested includes a $10-$12 fee for drivers entering the congestion zone during rush hour with … plans to [charge] very low-income [drivers only half] the fee by and [exempt] low-income drivers.

“A study recommendation is expected to be presented to the SFCTA board by next year. If approved, it would need an additional two years for implementation to secure funding, complete the design, and lobby for local and state legislative approval.”

The city previously studied congestion pricing in 2012.

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