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By Sarah Allen, AICP, and Della Acosta, AICP, September 17, 2020

While November typically brings us together for a holiday celebration, this year we will be connecting in a different way for our annual gathering. Northern Section will be hosting a multi-media campaign (think photos, videos, short stories, articles, tweets, posts, memes) across our sites, social media accounts, and newsletters, all connected by a single hashtag where participants can submit entries for positive, wholesome, radically amazing, or just plain good planning-related events, experiences, projects, or ideas that occurred in 2020.

We will bring to light the good in our lives to share with others and spread the joy we still know exists in the world. Keep a lookout for more information in the coming weeks and start thinking about what good you’ve seen and experienced this year that you would like to share with or spread to others! We look forward to celebrating YOU and the good work you do.

Photo: Brooke-Lark-HjWzkqW1dgI-unsplash

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