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New MTC study: Findings for assisting seniors, disabled people on Bay Area transit

From Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Mass Transit Magazine, June 2, 2021

“A Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) project revealed effective communication among seniors and the disabled community and Bay Area transit agencies is often lacking.

“To address the issue, a partnership between MTC and World Institute on Disability (WID) resulted in a 2.5-year research and community engagement study known as the Transportation Resilience, Accessibility & Climate Sustainability (TRACS) project.

“The TRACS project’s tasks included demographic and data collection, community engagement, needs assessments, and the development of training webinars for disabled transportation consumers and transportation agencies…

“To establish a new model of collaboration based on long-term partnerships between the communities and transit planners, the TRACS project presented recommendations to transit agencies, county transportation agencies, people with disabilities and their advocates, and MTC. Project findings, as well as resources and tools, can be found on the WID website.”

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