Blue Ribbon Task Force approves transit action plan reform in the Bay Area

By Curtis Driscoll, San Mateo Daily Journal, July 29, 2021

“The Metropolitan Transportation Commission Blue Ribbon Task Force has ratified its long-awaited Transit Transformation Action Plan to improve the Bay Area transit system in the short and long term, with representatives celebrating the milestone.

“The Transit Transformation Action Plan established actions needed to improve the Bay Area’s transit system to be more efficient, connected and user friendly …

“The plan also calls for funding and completing a business-case analysis of potential transit network management reforms by mid-2022. It also will convene stakeholders to identify priorities and funding options for a future transportation ballot measure for new transit funding by late 2023.

“MTC Commissioner Gina Papan, also a Millbrae councilmember, was glad to see funding for branded mapping and wayfinding pilot projects approved for parts of the region. She highlighted its ability to create an easier experience for the rider by having more consistent schedules and information at stations and on apps.

‘We have made some huge progress, but there is a lot left to do, and when you are talking about 27 different transit agencies, it makes things complicated,’ Papan said.”

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