Northern Section congratulates our 24 successful May 2021 AICP Examinees

From APA Interact

“APA congratulates the 543 dedicated planners who passed the rigorous AICP Certification Exam in May. We now welcome (so far) 277 new AICP members and 119 AICP Candidates from this exam cycle.”

Kudos to all for your hard work and commitment to the planning profession.


Here are the names of our 18 new AICP members and six AICP Candidates. If you see an error or omission, please let us know at

Alexander Barton, AICP
Joshua Bevan, AICP
Lyne-Marie Bouvet, AICP
Paola Boylan, AICP
Erik Calloway, AICP
Beibei Chen, AICP
Annelise Dohrer, AICP
Claudia Garcia, AICP
Douglas Moody, AICP
Lu Pang, AICP
Alene Pearson, AICP
Allison Riemer, AICP
Emily Schwimmer, AICP
Samantha Suter, AICP
Caroline Swinehart, AICP
Andrew Trippel, AICP
Angela Xiong, AICP
Kaitlin Zitelli, AICP


Emilio Flamenco, AICP Candidate
Dhawal Kataria, AICP Candidate
Shu Pan, AICP Candidate
Gavin Lohry, AICP Candidate
Allison Quach, AICP Candidate
Quinn Wallace, AICP Candidate

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