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Event submissions will be generally be reviewed within three business days. Thank you for your patience.

Event Submission Criteria:

  • Directly relevant to the practice of city or regional planning and/or related professions
  • Within the counties served by Northern Section or reasonably accessible
  • Affordable (free or low cost) to Northern Section members (less than $120 for a single day event)
  • Exceptions shall be up to the discretion of the Professional Development Director.

Certification Maintenance (CM) Credits:
For events offering CM credits, please fill out the entire form as this information is required in order to get approval for CM credits. In addition, we ask that events offering CM credits meet the following criteria:

  • Cost no more than $20 per CM credit
  • Are provided by a non-profit, educational institution and will provide only a semi-annual notice of programs.

This policy does not preclude organizations from placing paid advertisements for events in the Northern News or eNews. Providers of higher-priced courses and workshops are encouraged to purchase an ad offering incentives such as lower registration rates for Section members and opportunities for Northern Section to promote APA membership. Contact APA California Northern’s Advertising Director for information and rates.

Please enter a short event description, a couple of lines long, detailing the purpose of the event, the format, content and availability of food and/or drink (if applicable).

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$ If there is a cost to participate in the event, please enter the dollar amount here. Enter free for events that are free.
$ If the event has a discounted cost for APA members which is different from the general event cost,, please enter the dollar amount here. Enter a 0 for events that are free.

Certification Maintenance

If your event is eligible for Certificate Maintenance (CM) Credits, please complete the following information. Please submit your event for CM credits two weeks in advance of the event date.