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The Dimond is centered at the intersection of Fruitvale Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard. Before Interstate 580 was built, the borders were roughly School Street to the west, the Montclair Driving Range to the east, Park Avenue / City of Piedmont to the north and Lincoln Boulevard to the south. Today, this area is known as the Dimond and the Oakmore districts. The Dimond now primarily refers to the commercial district along Fruitvale and MacArthur between the freeway and Damuth Street.

The Dimond is closely related to the Fruitvale District in terms of its roots as an enclave of German settlers. The area became renown in the Bay Area for its orchards and beer gardens, and was a popular weekend destination for San Franciscans looking for a rural outing. The only remnants of this history are the Altenheim, a former retirement home for elderly Germans, and the large residential lots which hearken back to the small farms which used to be located here.

The commercial district has struggled in the past, but has recently experienced a revival due to joint efforts of the local businesses and residents. These efforts include murals in the district, volunteer gardeners to maintain planters and planted areas, and a litter pick-up crew comprised of local residents.

How to get to the Dimond:

  • By bus: Take AC Transit route NL from downtown Oakland.
  • By BART and bus: Take BART to the Fruitvale BART Station, then take AC Transit route 20 or 21 to Fruitvale and MacArthur. To get to Roberts Park, take AC Transit route 339 from the Fruitvale BART station.
  • By bicycle: Travel north on Broadway, turn right (south) on MacArthur, and bike approximately 3 miles to the intersection of Fruitvale and MacArthur. For those wanting a challenge, continue riding to Lincoln, turn left, and head up the steep road past State Route 13 to Roberts Park.

Sausal Creek

Sausal Creek


Dimond mural

Guide and Photos by Beth Greene


  • population of 11,260
  • 66.9% white / 19.5% Asian/Pacific Islander / 16.5% African American / 13.9% Hispanic / 12.4% multiracial and other
  • 45% renters (units occupied by renters)
  • Source: US Census, tracts 4066.02, 4047, 4048 and 4049


  • Using the historic boundaries, Dimond contains the Greek Orthodox Cathedral and the Mormon Temple, a landmark that can be seen throughout the City.
  • Visit the gem of the Dimond, Sausal Creek, which runs through Dimond Park and Dimond Canyon. It is a rural setting in the heart of Oakland. The creek is fairly natural, though concrete reminders of past WPA work still traverse the water in places. Paths from the creek lead to Roberts Park, the East Bay Regional Park that is most easily accessible from Oakland.
  • Shop for organic and natural goods at Farmer Joe’s.
  • Enjoy coffee and pastries at Peet’s Coffee & Tea and La Farine.
  • Stock up on Oakland gear and goods at Oaklandish.
  • Find food and supplies for your four legged friend at Paws & Claws.


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