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February 2012

Section A Redevelopment as we’ve known it is gone, but the issues it was originally designed to address are not (PAGE 1). What you can do to make yourself more competitive in today’s tight job market (PAGE 7). Section B Housing preferences are changing rapidly as homeownership rates decline (PAGE…

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December 2011/January 2012

Section A The once and future General Plan; Distributed renewable energy – Plan on it; Urban fabric – Strategies for American cities; Mentorship. Section B Reinventing the General Plan; Plan-it Sustainably; Clean Energy showcase.

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November 2011

“How ‘Less is More’ in solving the parking dilemma,” by Janet Palma, AICP: A short introduction to the GreenTRIP program and its director, Ann Cheng, with lots of links. northern-news-November-2011

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September 2011

Redistricting—my view as a Commissioner By Connie Galambos Malloy, AICP northern-news-September-2011

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July/August 2011

SCS—What’s the big idea? Moving toward adoption in 2013, the Bay Area Sustainable Communities Strategy will change where our cities grow By Naphtali H. Knox, FAICP, Editor northern-news-July-2011

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June 2011

Buchanan v. Warley reveals the double-edged sword of zoning By Leonardo Vazquez, AICP/PP northern-news-June-2011

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May 2011

California Court of Appeal gives sustainable infill development an important victory. By Mark Rhoades, AICP northern-news-May-2011

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April 2011

A hot degree? Maybe not. By Theresa M. Alster, Associate Editor, Northern News April 2011 Northern News northern-news-April-2011

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March 2011

Residential TODs in Santa Clara County are “over-parked.” Eduardo C. Serafin, AICP, and Justin Meek, with Robert W. Swierk, AICP, and Ying C. Smith, AICP, a collaboration between SJSU urban and regional planning graduate class and VTA studying parking at transit-oriented developments in the southern San Francisco Bay Area. PAGE…

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