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March 2016

Shaping campuses. 
Dan Kenney, AIA, AICP, explores the forces that shaped college campuses since the 1950s and 60s and how to heal and restore them. Page 1 Meet a local planner. Siân Llewellyn, AICP interviews Aidan Hughes, Arup’s North Americas Planning Practice group leader. Page 4 Assessing traffic impacts under CEQA. Barbara Schussman discusses how the…

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February 2016

AB 57: A brave new world for cell antennas and towers in California. Omar Masry, AICP, and Robert “Tripp” May. Planners must learn to navigate this new law that expedites the review process more than ever for wireless applicants. Page 1 Norcal roundup. Excerpts from around our Northern Section, linked to the…

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December 2015-January 2016

Regulate rents to build equitable communities. Alex Lantsberg, AICP. Missing: any impact on existing housing supply from rent control. Page 1 For Christmas: a bunch of guidelines. Brian Grattidge. New environmental and planning guidelines, and more to come. Page 3 50% renewable energy in California by 2030. Josh Hohn, AICP, and Ethan Elkind, CLEE. Meeting the SB 350 target…

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November 2015

What a great conference! Little-known stats from the APA California conference in Oakland October 3-6, and a photographic overview of the mobile workshop to the Facebook and Google campuses in Menlo Park and Mountain View. Page 1 The economic consequences of housing supply constraints. Claude Gruen, Ph.D. The streets of San Francisco throng…

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October 2015

Green infrastructure requirements for Bay Area. Laura Prickett, AICP. 76 Bay Area jurisdictions must adopt green infrastructure plans in 2019. Page 1 Director’s note. Andrea Ouse, AICP. Welcome to Oakland and the 2015 APA California planning conference! Page 3 Why planners make good hackers. James Castañeda, AICP. Planners and hackers can gain knowledge and resources…

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September 2015

Tracing the Urban Transportation Revolution, Sandy Smith, Next City. Advocates bring pedestrian- and bike-friendly practices and designs that are taking hold in today’s cities. Page 1 Opinion: Whither Bay Area planning? Dan Marks, AICP. An effort led by MTC to defund the regional planning function at ABAG and consolidate it under MTC is…

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July/August 2015

Good news and bad for SF housing and commercial markets. Nina J. Gruen. The City’s amenities attract boomers and highly skilled millennials, but housing supply and availability woefully lag demand. Page 1 Adeline Corridor pop-up event highlights public participation. Kim Ngoc Le. Workshops and tours identified issues important to residents. Page 6 Collaborative…

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June 2015

Planning grad in the working world. James Castañeda, AICP. Advice to emerging professionals getting ready to be planners in the real world. Page 1 Community shapes Urban Village concept with asset-based design. Jaime Scott Guthrie, Steve Le, and Todd Kubiak. Planning approach by graduate students sets three San José neighborhoods on a path to a…

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May 2015

My Oakland. Erika J. Sawyer, AICP, interviews Oakland resident and researcher Meera Velu. Seventh in a series in advance of the 2015 APA California Planning Conference in Oakland. Page 1 Director’s note. Andrea Ouse, AICP. Awards Gala May 15; fall conference update; regional events. Page 3 Where in the world? Photo by Marybeth Harasz, AICP….

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April 2015

The Devil’s Slide Trail. Jonathan Berlin. How a state highway became a scenic paradise. Page 1 Who’s where. Veronica Flores, Thalia Leng, AICP, and Amit Price Patel. Page 5 Meet a local planner. Sian Llewellyn, FAICP, interviews Victoria Walker, Director, Community and Economic Development, Concord. Page 6 ACCESS magazine available. New emphasis on economic competitiveness in transportation. Page 11 Where in…

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