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Northern News recognizes our photographers for 2019

Continuing our recognition of the 2019 content providershere are the names of those who provided photos and images last year. The editors are grateful to the 21 people listed below for their contributions to this publication. Thanks, too, to Andrea Mardesich, a former associate editor, who scoured last year’s issues to prepare this list.

Photos from Where in the world, magazine covers (February, March, and April covers), and articles. 

Atlas, Jesse. Municipal Plaza, Lisbon, Portugal. (Sept.) 

Batista, João. SJSU students in Ouro Preto, Brazil. (March) 

Borrelli, Juan, AICP. Rio De Janeiro, BrazilSão Paulo, Brazil. (May); Our Lady of Carmo Church, Ouro Preto, Tiradentes Square and the Museum of the Inconfidência. (March); Downtown San Jose’s SoFA Arts District mural at 300 S. 1st Street. (June); Capitola-by-the-Sea. (July/August) 

Darmawi, Fay. Manhattan, looking north from the West Village to Hudson Yards.(April); Privately Owned Public Open Space. (Feb.) 

Elrod, Diana. SF General Hospital and SF skyline. (Dec. 2019/ Jan. 2020) 

Flores, Veronica. The panel. (Dec. 2019/ Jan. 2020) 

Graham, Hugh. Downtown New Haven Connecticut. (Dec. 19/Jan. 20); Princeton-by-the-Sea, at Half Moon Bay, California Can you see the plane? (April) 

Iannarone, Sarah. Exploring Oakland by Bike. (June) 

Julio Cesar Martinez Photography. Son smiling at camera with legos(Dec. 2019/ Jan. 2020) 

Kenward, Evan. Ozzy Arce speaks to the group(Dec. 2019/ Jan. 2020) 

Knox, Aliza. Central Beijing. CMG Headquarters and China Zun. (Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020); Loikaw, Myanmar. (March); Korčula town, Korčula Island. (Oct.) 

Knox, Naphtali H., FAICPProvidence River Greenway, Downtown Providence, Rhode Island.  (July/August)

Lee, Chandler. Lisbon, Portugal. (Sept.) 

Miller, Barry J., FAICP. Michael’s Gate, Bratislava, Slovakia. (Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020); Streets Beach, Brisbane, Australia. (June) 

Oliver, H. Pike. San Francisco skyline from Alameda. (Feb.) 

Osner, George, AICP. San Quentin State Prison and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge over San Francisco Bay. (Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020); San Francisco skyline, looking SSE from Tiburon. (Oct.) 

Pearson, Holly, AICP. Medellín, Columbia. (March) 

Pham, Kieulan, AICP. Shinagawa-Ura Harbor in the southern part of Tokyo. (Feb.) 

Su, Jason. North 8th Street, Boise Idaho. (July/Aug.) 

Tyler, Elizabeth “Libby”, Ph.D., FAICP. Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park in Monterey, CA. (Sept.) 

Wong, Hing, AICP. Fog-pokers, including Salesforce Tower, from Folsom and Beale Streets, San Francisco. (March) 

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